Climate Action Unit


Climate Action Unit

The Climate Action Unit works to change how scientists, policymakers, businesses, media, civil society organisations and citizens engage with each other about climate change.

Our approach is underpinned by a systems-based understanding of why these groups are not acting at the scale and pace needed - and how this can be resolved.

We support experts and organisations to navigate the complexity of cross-sector collaboration.

Our workstreams:

Our work focuses specifically on three areas: 

  1. Improving the way climate risk information drives decision making in policy and business 
  2. Telling more diverse stories about climate change to better motivate action
  3. Helping key communities to deliver climate-positive action
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Our mission:

The Climate Action Unit (CAU) is a group of experts in neuroscience, psychology, science communication and expert facilitation. The aim of the CAU's work is to accelerate the uptake of climate action and the transition to net-zero across society. 

It was born out of UCL's Communicating Climate Science Policy Commission, whose members were delivering projects to address blockages to effective communication.

Recognising the unique combination of skills and insights at their disposal, the group targeted their efforts into three key areas: climate actionclimate risk and climate stories. These are the founding workstreams of the Climate Action Unit.