Climate Action Unit


How We Work

Understand our structured, methodological approach to generating action on climate change.

The Climate Action Unit delivers three types of projects. Our projects:

  • Build the capacity and skills for climate action in influential people and organisations
  • Bring together professionals from different sectors to collaborate and co-produce solutions to systems-change challenges
  • Support professionals from one sector to understand the needs of 'end users' in other sectors

Our method

1. We prioritise outcomes first, mechanisms second


We start with clarifying the outcomes that our partners or clients want to achieve, only then do we design the mechanisms to deliver the required outcomes. 

2. We deliver interventions that generate data


Our interventions often contain interactive, participatory sessions and workshops where we bring stakeholders from different communities together. The interactions we set up between people generate 'golden nuggets' - information and insights which  radically alter the way our clients see the challenges they are trying to resolve.

3. We consolidate learnings and leave a legacy


After the interventions and data analysis of the materials, we extract the generalisable learnings and embed these in the practices of our client organisations, and in our own working practices.

How we help organisations & professionals

We work with a wide range of organisations that are keen to drive forward progress on climate change, but find themselves facing people challenges. (Our current projects can be found on our Climate Risk, Climate Action and Climate Stories pages)

On a case-by-case basis, we design and run tailored interventions to bridge disciplines and sectors. We help fix communication problems, equip people with leadership skills, and dismantle barriers to action.

Our 'Ways of Working document" is an easy grab-and-go guide for what to expect when you work with the UCL Climate Action Unit.