UCL Grand Challenges


Engaging communities

Engaging communities is one of six themes in the Grand Challenges, Grand impacts exhibition.

Working with communities across the UK and beyond to ensure our research reflects the needs of the people it affects through co-production, community engagement and citizen science initiatives.

Featured case studies

Black ceramic birds on wooden floor

Flock: Non-Clinical Art Interventions for Wellbeing and Belonging

Non-Clinical Art Interventions for Wellbeing and Belonging among refugee, asylum seeker and displaced migrant populations.

Sacriston road sign

Understanding 'Left-behind' Places: Developing a Deep Place Study

Exploring social and economic change to develop a deeper understanding of place.

Calthorpe Community Garden

Generating electricity from food waste in a London community garden

Researchers at UCL are working with the Calthorpe Community Garden in Kings Cross, London, to create a vertical garden using microbial fuel cells, to generate electricity and decontaminate wastewater.

Public square with a van parked and outside the van are displayed a series of sandwich boards with images and message from children fixed on the boards

Champions Project

CHAMPIONS is an initiative researching how Covid-19 has affected families living in temporary accommodation.

Windrush ship

The Ties That Bind: Mapping the Intergenerational Mental Health Consequences of the Windrush Scandal

'The Ties That Bind' combines public art & research to examine the toll that hostile immigration policies have exacted on victims of Windrush Scandal in the UK, especially in terms of mental health.

Inspecting a specimen in a microtube.

Novel community-based digital intervention address ethnic inequalities in Covid vaccine confidence

A novel community-based digital intervention to address ethnic inequalities in Covid-19 vaccine confidence.