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Prototyping is one of six themes in the Grand Challenges, Grand impacts exhibition.

From pilot projects to grassroots innovation, we want to get your idea off the ground. Find out more about how we support research startups.

Featured case studies

Sepsis foot in hospital. credit DA4554/iStock

Refining a predictive model for the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis in low resource settings

A cross-Faculty collaboration aiming to reduce infant mortality. Photo credit DA4554/iStock

Recommend me website home page


RecommendMe is providing a unique solution to a growing problem amongst ageing populations in the UK and other developed countries: social isolation amongst older adults.

Mumbai train station

Police Response to Runaway Adolescents on Mumbai's Rail Network

Studying the response of railway police in Mumbai to runaway adolescents and a transition from preserving public order to protecting child rights.

an image of an elderly man playing with a giant chess set

Ageing Playfully: Play and Games in Old Age

A pan Grand Challenges project funded by a special initiative. 

A hand holding a white smartphone

The "160 Characters" Partnership

Insight, impact, and innovation to enhance peer-to-peer mobile phone support interventions for adolescents living with HIV in South Africa.

an image of two hands reaching for each other

Culture Connections

A Pilot Study of Online Art Conversations as a Tool to Support Psychological Wellbeing in People Living with or Alongside Rare Forms of Dementia