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Informing decision makers

Informing decision makers is one of six themes in the Grand Challenges, Grand impacts exhibition.

We’re working to get research in front of policy partners, and support the development of evidence based policy through roundtables, parliamentary commissions and more.

Featured case studies


an image of the AI & Future of Work text from UCL Public Policy, UCL Grand Challenges and the British Academy

AI and the Future of Work

How do we redefine our understanding of good work to harness AI’s potential for positive change.

an image of the structurally unsound report cover - a plaster covering a crack in the ground

Structurally Unsound

Structurally Unsound - Exploring Inequalities: Igniting research to better inform UK policy  

UK voter survey

UK Voter Preferences on Brexit

UCL survey of 5,000 voters, with Yougov fieldwork, examining preferences on Brexit.

Panel including Professor Becky Francis and Sir Vince Cable

Routes to Opportunity

Addressing the non-university skills gap in England. 

Urine division toilet with woman standing next to it

ToolSanDurban: Policy Toolkit for achieving SDGs in Durban through sanitation

Reviewing links between sanitation and the UN SDGs in Durban to develop a policy toolkit to aid improved monitoring and evaluation.

Surgical Mask with a World Map

Inoculating Cities

Inoculating Cities: Developing Tools for Urban Pandemic Preparedness is a collaboration between researchers in the faculties of the Built Environment and Population Health Sciences