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Dr Alun Coker (since 2019)

Alun Coker
Dr Alun Coker is an Associate Professor in the Division of Medicine. After graduating from Portsmouth Polytechnic he worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence. While working for the MoD he obtained a masters degree from Birkbeck College, where he was later awarded his PhD in X-ray crystallography.

After working as the manager of the macromolecular X-ray crystallography facility at the University of Southampton, he joined UCL as a senior lecturer in 2007. His current research is focused on using X-ray crystallography to determine the three dimensional structure of proteins in atomic detail. His research group works on a variety of projects seeking to understand the molecular basis of various diseases and to guide rational design of therapeutic drugs to treat those diseases. He is the module lead for the Drug Discovery module on the MSc Clinical Drug Development and the Ethics Lead for the Division of Medicine. He is an active member of the local branch of the University and Colleges Union where he currently leads on Health and Safety.

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