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MSc Digital Health & Entrepreneurship Student Scholar Profile: Wiji Julian

9 April 2024

Meet Wiji Julian, a MSc Digital Health & Entrepreneurship Student from Indonesia, who received a full scholarship from LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education). Read more about his GBSH journey here.

Wiji scholar

Why did you choose to apply for the MSc Digital Health and Entrepreneurship Programme?

I am particularly drawn to the MSc in Digital Health and Entrepreneurship programme due to its innovative integration of technology and business within the healthcare sector. This programme stands out because it goes beyond just applying technical knowledge; it comprehensively addresses the business aspects crucial for leading digital health initiatives. My motivation is further fuelled by my background as a pharmacist, coupled with seven years of experience in a state-owned pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. Throughout my career, I realised the transformative potential of digital health technologies. They streamline operational efficiencies and significantly enhance patient care and outcomes. 

My decision to apply was also influenced by the grand strategy of the Ministry of Health Indonesia to revolutionize our national healthcare system through digital advancements. Given my professional experience and my profound understanding of both the scientific and commercial facets of healthcare, I am eager to leverage this programme as a catalyst for my goal to contribute substantially to Indonesia's healthcare digital transformation. I believe that my blend of pharmaceutical expertise and passion for digital innovation positions me uniquely to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare practices and future digital solutions, ultimately driving forward the capabilities of pharmaceutical companies and improving healthcare delivery on a national scale. 

Is there a particular area of Digital Health and Entrepreneurship that you are interested in? If so, why? 

I am particularly interested in the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform healthcare delivery and outcomes. As we know, AI's ability to sift through extensive datasets and uncover patterns offers unprecedented opportunities for early diagnosis, tailored treatments, and efficient disease management. AI can also facilitate enhanced patient care and streamlined drug development and discovery processes.  

However, to implement these benefits, advancements in health policy and systems should be developed in parallel. My interest, therefore, extends to how we can adapt and reform health policies to embrace and regulate digital health technologies effectively. It is crucial that health systems evolve to integrate these innovations, ensuring they align with ethical standards and safety and enhance access to care.  

I am driven by the vision of a healthcare future where technology and policy synergise to deliver personalised, accessible, and equitable care. 

What value will this programme add to your career moving forward?  

The programme offers numerous events and networking opportunities, allowing me to connect with industry leaders and experts in digital health. This exposure is crucial for building professional relationships and understanding industry trends. 

Unlike programmes focused solely on technical aspects, this course provides a comprehensive education on building a business in the digital health sector. It emphasizes creating impactful health solutions, blending entrepreneurial skills with digital health innovation. 

The programme facilitates direct connections with various guest speakers who are experts in digital health. This access provides unique insights into the field, offering inspiration and practical knowledge from those actively shaping the industry. 

Joining this programme means becoming part of a global community of students from diverse backgrounds such as healthcare, business, marketing, IT, and data science. This diversity enriches the learning experience, fostering a multidisciplinary approach to solving health challenges. 

What advice would you give to prospective students thinking about applying to GBSH:

Research thoroughly: Understand the programme's curriculum, the proram's focus, and how it aligns with your career goals. UCL's website provides detailed information on course content, structure, and the kind of projects you'll be involved in. If needed, compare the programme with other similar programmes. 

Define your purpose: Make sure you already have a solid purpose for applying for this programme. Having a solid purpose will benefit you, make you more focused, and give you time to develop your purpose during your studies. 

Prepare for multidisciplinary learning: Embrace the diversity of subjects you'll be studying. This programme attracts students from various backgrounds — enriching discussions and group projects with multiple perspectives. 

Ask questions: Before applying, reach out to admissions counsellors, faculty, and current students to understand the programme's culture and expectations. Their insights can help you decide if this is the right fit for your ambitions. 

Talk me through a typical day in life as a GBSH student. 

A day for me at GBSH starts with a quick review of the lecture materials over breakfast (after I read the reading materials and watched the online content on Moodle the night before), making sure I'm prepped for class.   

Then, I attend classes and seminars, and I always try to be proactive and engaging in class by asking questions and giving opinions to ensure I learn as much as possible.   

I usually huddled with my classmates during lunch, chit-chatting and networking over lunch. Sometimes we’re discussing group work, events and assignments, or even planning for a trip. 

Post-classes, sometimes I have group work and brainstorming for our projects in the library, a cosy Project space, or another study space at Marshgate Building. On the flip side, sometimes I also study alone in the library and wait for the off-peak hour before I go home. 

Evenings might whisk me away to networking events, where chatting up professionals and fellow students becomes the real lesson. After I get home, I prepare for the next day, and classes are essential, so I usually watch online content on Moodle and do some essential readings. 

Every day’s a mix of hustle, learning, and making connections, setting the stage for my future in digital health. 

What have you enjoyed the most since starting at the UCL GBSH? 

Firstly, the campus. UCL East provides an amazing learning environment, a cosy building with many study spaces and futuristic features. Moreover, easy access to everything makes the experience better. With the UCL café on the ground floor and a 10-minute walk to Westfield Stratford, I can easily buy everything that is necessary nearby. 

Additionally, there are plenty of networking events where you can get inspiration from experts and network with diverse students worldwide. 

Can you tell us about your Scholarship and how you found the application  process? 

I received a full scholarship from LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education) under the Ministry of Finance, Indonesia, that covers my tuition fee, living cost, settlement allowance, and additional costs. LPDP scholarship aims to prepare future leaders and professionals in Indonesia by supporting them with scholarships for higher education. The application process was comprehensive, involving careful preparation and tests (From administrative to substantial tests). Moreover, it involves the understanding of LPDP's vision for advancing Indonesia through quality human resources.  

Navigating the LPDP website provided essential information on eligibility, application timelines, and required documentation. For anyone considering applying, I recommend thoroughly researching and aligning your application with LPDP's goals for national development.  

 For more details, visit their official site at https://lpdp.kemenkeu.go.id/en/

*We understand that many international students reading this will not be eligible to apply for the LPDP as it is specific to Indonesia. However, we have several scholarships available at GBSH

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