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MSc Digital Health & Entrepreneurship Student Profile: Lidia Yigazu

9 April 2024

Meet Lidia Yigazu, an international student from Ethiopia studying MSc Digital Health & Entrepreneurship at UCL GBSH with a Chevening Scholarship! Read more about her exciting journey here.

lidia ethiopian student prpfile

Name: Lidia Yigazu
Nickname: Lidu 
Age: 28 
Background: Medical Doctor 

Why did you choose to study MSc Digital Health and Entrepreneurship in the UK?

I have always been interested in Business and Entrepreneurship and I wasn't sure how to change my career from being a clinician into something business related and the MSc in Digital Health and Entrepreneurship seemed like the perfect blend of both worlds. What drew me to the UK, specifically UCL, was the condensed one-year format of the course. It just felt like the ideal opportunity to dive into this exciting course without sacrificing too much time. 

How do you deal with the academic coursework in this course and do you think you have received sufficient support? 

The academic coursework in the past modules was incredibly inspiring. The courses were made to critically shape my business and technical sides, and since they were interesting to learn, I didn't find it difficult to keep up with the coursework. I was pushed and challenged to reach my potential. The support I received provided the perfect balance between encouragement and guidance, keeping me on the right track. 

What is your favourite module so far and why?

I'd have to say my two favourite modules are Digital Health AI and Health Startups. The AI course is particularly exciting due to its relevance; the skills I gained there have immediate real-world applications. It not only gives us a competitive edge in the job market, but it's also incredibly hands-on—I get to do cool things like building a chatbot. 

Health Startups is another course I loved, it resonates with me as I see myself working in the startup space. The course provided valuable insights into the fundamentals of a successful business, the biggest mistakes startups make, and current trends in digital health startups. Additionally, the encouragement and support I received from my professors in that course were exceptional - Shout out to Hassan and Massoid! 

What do you do during your free time?  

I'm fascinated by human psychology, so you'll often find me immersed in books, videos, and talks on various aspects of psychology. Childhood and Adolescent psychology fascinates me the most, since our upbringing determines our behaviour and sometimes I feel like, in another life, I might have been a psychologist myself. 

Being a foodie, exploring different restaurants is also a joy for me. Confession: I have a bit of a sweet tooth. On the flip side, I also enjoy cooking, baking and trying out new recipes. In addition, I have a love for history books. Currently, I'm reading an amazing book about the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassiei; it's hands down the best book I've delved into in 2024.  

I also cherish the simple things in life. Whether it's having a picnic with friends in a park or enjoying a coffee catch-up, those moments bring me a lot of joy. 

How do you deal with homesickness?  

Dealing with homesickness has been a journey, but being in this digital era made it much easier. I make it a point to call home every day or every other day, just to catch up with my sisters and parents. Even if there's nothing particularly important to talk about, I'll give them a ring while I'm cooking, for them to keep me company and also create a sense of shared moments. This simple routine has significantly helped bridge the gap and helped with my fear of missing out. 

I also have been proactive in making my current place feel like home. I made amazing friends from my course and maintained my connections with friends outside of school. This has created a sense of community for me and it feels like I've built a supportive network, a home away from home, which has helped me adjust to my new environment. 

Is this your first time in the UK? If so, how have you found life in London so far, and have you explored London or any interesting places yet?   

Yes, this is my first time in the UK, and I must say, London initially seemed quite intimidating due to its sheer size. Figuring out the tube system and generally the way of living was a struggle at first, but now it has become second nature. The only difficult part of London is that everything is expensive and if you are not careful you will spend your life savings on lunch. This has taught me to be disciplined with money management and also look for cheaper ways to enjoy London without breaking the bank. There are plenty of comedy shows, pubs, and affordable activities, if you take the time to explore. Camden Town has been particularly interesting, with its diverse options, and exploring other markets has been a fun and budget-conscious way to experience the city. 

What is your plan after graduating from this programme?  

I love building things from the ground up, so I would love to work with health startups with revolutionary products and contribute to their success. Being part of a unicorn company and enjoying the journey from its inception to achieving unicorn status is my career goal.  

Is there anything that you want to say to the future applicants for this course? 

To future applicants for this course, I'd like to emphasise that it truly is what you make of it. As master's students, we already have a good understanding of how the real world operates. So instead of just cramming down theory, seize this opportunity to see how you can apply it in your specific job sector and achieve tangible results. 

On top of that, make the connections and build the network in the real world so that it is easier to land a job after graduation, or if you decide to venture into your own entrepreneurial journey, these connections will certainly come in handy.  

Can you share your scholarship opportunities? 

For fellow scholars or those seeking scholarship opportunities, I'd like to share my experience with the Chevening Scholarship. This incredible opportunity alleviated the financial burden and allowed me to fully focus on my studies. While it's a competitive scholarship, I highly recommend those considering studying in the UK to give it a shot. The effort is well worth the reward in the end.

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