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UCL GBSH Student Campus Review

3 May 2023

Our GBSH Social Media Ambassador, Intan Cahyani, asked various students which campus they prefer the most and why. Read below to hear what students had to say!


UCL Global Business School for Health students may have the opportunity to study at two of UCL's main campuses - UCL's main campus and UCL East. In this blog post, we'll explore the features and facilities of UCL's main campus and UCL East and hear from some students about their campus preferences.

First, UCL's main campus is in the heart of London, in the Bloomsbury district. The campus has a mix of modern and historical buildings, including the iconic Wilkins Building, which houses the UCL library. The campus is surrounded by some of London's best museums and cultural attractions, making it a vibrant and exciting place to study. The campus is also home to a wide range of cafes, bars, and restaurants, providing plenty of options for students looking to grab a quick bite to eat or relax with friends after class. For those looking for a true university experience, UCL's main campus is a perfect choice.

Next, we have UCL East, a brand-new campus in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London. The campus boasts modern and sustainable buildings designed to be accessible to all students. One of the standout features of UCL East is its stunning views, with the campus offering a unique perspective on the surrounding area, including the London Stadium. The campus is also close to a cycle path and bridge, making it easy for students to get around and explore the local area.

"I prefer UCL East as it is close to my home." – Shuangyi Ling (Aisling), MSc, Global Healthcare Management (Finance)

"I choose UCL main campus because I feel the real feeling of studying at UCL comes at Bloomsbury." – Sameer, MSc Global Healthcare Management (Leadership)

"I don't have a preference as such, but I appreciate the different features of both campuses. UCL's main campus has a suitable layout for studying and offers a more university experience with a lot of study spaces and food options, while UCL East is great for its modern facilities and stunning view, especially the view of West Ham Stadium and when sunset comes." – Akiko, MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management

"I love the main campus since there are more study spaces and lovely foods for me." – Cassie, MSc Global Healthcare Management (Analytics).

"I guess I prefer the UCL East since it is new!" – Joy, MSc Global Healthcare Management (Leadership)

“UCL East is my favourite and it would be memories for lifetime” – Vaishnavi, MSc Global Healthcare Management (Leadership)

Ultimately, both campuses offer unique features and facilities that cater to the needs of students. The campus preferences of students vary depending on their personal preferences. As a student at the UCL Global Business School for Health, you'll have the opportunity to experience both campuses and make the most of what each offers. Whether you prefer the historic charm of UCL's main campus or the modern facilities and stunning views of UCL East, you will find the perfect environment for your studies.