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Spotlight on MSc student Yunfan Chen: journey and career prospects

3 August 2023

Discover our MSc student Yunfan Chen's career path in the feature. We interviewed Yunfan and highlighted his experience and progress, providing insight for prospective students.


Student Name: Yunfan Chen

Programme: MSc Global Healthcare Management (Leadership)
Nationality:  Chinese

Education:  BSc Economics, University of Liverpool

Work Experience:
Internship experience in L.E.K Consulting, the Economist Group, EY-Parthenon, Frost & Sullivan

Tell me more about your background – It would be great to find out more about your education, work experience and current job role.

I have an interdisciplinary background in economics and healthcare management and have been interested in the intersection of economics and healthcare since my undergraduate degree. I have worked as an intern and consultant for top consulting firms such as L.E.K Consulting, EY-Parthenon, Economist Intelligence Unit, etc., as well as a recommended internship by UCL at the Economist Impact in London. I would like to gain experience and insight in strategy consulting, change management, marketing consulting and healthcare in my future career. I have already received an offer of a graduate scheme in a management consulting firm in London, and I am looking forward to my coming working life!

What was your main motivation for enrolling in this Programme at GBSH? 

One of the main motivations for enrolling in the Global Healthcare Management (Leadership) programme at GBSH is to expand my knowledge in healthcare and health systems. During my internship experience, I developed a strong interest in staying up-to-date with cutting-edge advancements in the field and want to explore interdisciplinary approaches to address complex healthcare challenges. Additionally, I recognise the importance of developing leadership skills to navigate and drive change in the healthcare industry effectively. By studying this programme, I hope to understand the healthcare landscape comprehensively while acquiring the skills to lead and make a meaningful impact in this dynamic and vital sector.

Could you share the types of career support you received while at GBSH and how specifically these resources or initiatives have contributed to your career progression?

At GBSH, I received valuable career support, significantly contributing to my career progression.

Firstly, the professors at GBSH played a crucial role in providing career guidance. Their expertise and industry insights helped me navigate career options within the healthcare field. Additionally, their mentorship and recommendations were instrumental in securing internship opportunities. Due to my good academic scores, I was selected and recommended for internships that provided practical experience and further developed my skills.

Moreover, my tutor at GBSH offered invaluable advice on job-seeking and interview preparation. They guided crafting a solid resume, improving my interview skills, and enhancing my professional presence. Their insights and feedback helped me present myself effectively during job applications and interviews.

The combination of career support from professors, internship opportunities, and personalised guidance from my tutor at GBSH significantly contributed to my career progression. These resources and initiatives helped me develop a competitive edge, gain practical experience, and refine my job-seeking skills, ultimately paving the way for success in my professional journey.

What value do you feel your programme will add to your career moving forward?

My programme has added significant value to my career and will continue.

Firstly, it has provided me with comprehensive knowledge about the healthcare system in the UK. Understanding the intricacies and dynamics of the UK healthcare landscape is highly valuable as it allows me to navigate and contribute effectively to the industry.

Furthermore, the programme has equipped me with essential leadership skills. Through coursework, practical projects, and peer collaboration, I have developed the ability to lead and manage teams, make informed decisions, and drive positive change within the healthcare sector. These leadership skills are transferable and applicable across various professional settings, providing a competitive advantage in my career advancement.

Lastly, my programme has allowed me to bring my economic skills to the healthcare industry. The programme's interdisciplinary nature has given me a unique perspective, enabling me to apply economic principles and analytical thinking to healthcare management and policy. This combination of financial knowledge and healthcare expertise positions me as a valuable asset in tackling complex challenges and driving innovation within the industry.

Overall, my programme has not only deepened my understanding of the UK healthcare system but has also fostered the development of essential leadership skills and allowed me to leverage my economic background within the healthcare industry. These valuable attributes will undoubtedly contribute to my career growth and success.

How did your studies at GBSH contribute to your ability to secure your current position?

My studies at GBSH have significantly contributed to securing my current position. The reputation of UCL has been influential in attracting prospective employers. Additionally, the practical project experience gained during my studies showcased my ability to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings, making me a standout candidate. My courses, including coaching, innovation, and healthcare leadership, provided valuable skills such as interview techniques, enhancing my employability. Furthermore, my coursework exposed me to essential healthcare topics like integrated care and health systems, demonstrating my understanding of industry trends and challenges. Overall, my studies at GBSH and the UCL title played a vital role in securing my current position.

Can you share a specific course during your MSc that you feel was instrumental in preparing you for your current role?

One specific course during my MSc that was instrumental in preparing me for my current role is "Changing Health Systems." This course proved invaluable in shaping my perspective by highlighting the similarities and differences between health systems across various countries and cultures. It equipped me to work effectively in diverse settings, fostering cross-cultural competence.

Moreover, the course facilitated a deep understanding of the underlying factors driving changes in health systems. By analysing the root causes behind these transformations, I developed critical thinking skills that have proven essential in my current role. This course encouraged me to think critically, question assumptions, and propose innovative solutions to address complex challenges in the healthcare industry.

Overall, "Changing Health Systems" broadened my knowledge of different health systems and enabled me to think critically and work across diverse cultures. The skills and perspectives gained from this course have been instrumental in my current role, allowing me to navigate complexities and contribute meaningfully to healthcare initiatives.

Could you share any memorable experiences from your MSc Global Healthcare Management programme that has impacted your career?

I remember a guest lecture that included experts from different backgrounds talking about healthcare innovation; some of them were GP practitioners, and some of them were healthcare economists; they gathered together to bring various experiences and perspectives of innovation, which broadened my way of thinking and let me know how different healthcare sectors interact with each other.

How did your MSc degree from GBSH give you an edge in the competitive job market?

My MSc degree from GBSH gave me a significant advantage in the competitive job market. The programme's unique combination of healthcare and business education gave me a well-rounded skill set highly valued in the industry. The practical and career-oriented focus of the programme equipped me with the necessary skills and experience sought by employers. The reputable name of UCL enhanced my credibility, and the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional peers enriched my learning experience. My GBSH MSc degree offered a distinct edge through its interdisciplinary approach, practical orientation, UCL's reputation, and the opportunity to connect with talented peers.

How has your career trajectory been influenced by your time studying at GBSH?

My career trajectory has been greatly influenced by my time studying at GBSH. Initially focused on joining big pharma, I discovered new possibilities such as NGO work, HTA, and management consultancy. GBSH equipped me with cross-cultural skills, enabling me to work effectively in diverse environments. My understanding of different health systems has also provided a strategic advantage in shaping healthcare strategies. Overall, GBSH has broadened my career horizons, enhanced my cross-cultural abilities, and deepened my knowledge of healthcare systems.

Can you describe any challenges you faced during your job search and how your training at GBSH helped you overcome them?

During my job search, one of the challenges I faced was a quantitative gap in my skillset. However, my training at GBSH equipped me with the resources and tools to overcome this challenge. I utilised the extensive e-resources available through the UCL library, leveraged learning opportunities on platforms like Linkedin Learning, and actively learned from my peers with expertise in quantitative analysis. This proactive approach allowed me to bridge the quantitative gap and demonstrate my competency to potential employers.

What advice are you for current and prospective students seeking a rewarding job placement after graduation?

My advice for current and prospective students looking to secure a rewarding job placement after graduation is as follows:

  • Be confident and study well: Believe in your abilities and strive for academic excellence. Develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that will make you a competitive candidate in the job market.
  • Always turn to peers and professors for help: Your peers and professors can provide valuable insights, guidance, and support throughout your academic journey and job search. Don't hesitate to seek their advice, ask questions, and tap into their networks. Collaboration and mentorship can significantly enhance your job search efforts.
  • Plan everything: Take a proactive approach to your career planning. Set clear goals, identify the industries or roles you are interested in, and develop a strategic plan to achieve them. Create a timeline, research job opportunities, and determine the necessary steps to reach your career objectives.
  • Embrace all the opportunities: Make the most of the options available during your studies. Engage in internships, participate in extracurricular activities, join professional organisations, and attend networking events. These experiences can help you gain practical skills, expand your professional network, and open doors to job opportunities.
  • Remember that securing a rewarding job placement requires persistence, dedication, and a proactive mindset. By being confident, seeking support from peers and professors, planning, and embracing opportunities, you can enhance your chances of securing a fulfilling and rewarding job after graduation. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently at GBSH to improve your career prospects further?

What are your long-term career goals? How does your MSc from GBSH, along with your current work, align with these goals?

Long-term goals: Become a healthcare economist and investor

My long-term career goals revolve around becoming a healthcare economist and investor. I aspire to contribute to the healthcare industry by analsing healthcare systems, evaluating healthcare policies, and making informed investment decisions to drive positive impact and improved outcomes.

My MSc from GBSH aligns closely with these goals as it has provided me with a solid foundation in healthcare management, economics, and strategic analysis. The programme equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand the complex dynamics of the healthcare industry and analyse the economic factors that shape it. Additionally, my current work allows me to gain practical experience and insights in the field, further enhancing my expertise in healthcare economics and investment.

By combining my academic background with real-world experience, I am building a solid foundation to pursue my long-term career goals. I plan to continue expanding my knowledge, honing my analytical skills, and seeking opportunities to make a meaningful impact as a healthcare economist and investor. With the comprehensive understanding gained through my MSc from GBSH and the ongoing professional growth in my current role, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the healthcare industry in a meaningful and impactful manner.

What advice would you give to prospective students thinking about applying for your programme?

  • Please be passionate about healthcare
  • Stay innovative and creative
  • Know yourself well, understand your gap and your goals