UCL Venues Audiovisual Equipment

UCL venues' training, meeting, conference and seminar rooms have a minimum of £25,000 of host audiovisual systems for effortless presenting. 

Touch screen controls
Touch screen controls

Our meeting rooms have Crestron touch screen controls. 

You simply switch on and it powers up. Use the touch controls to choose to connect either to the supplied UCL PC or your own laptop. 

Multiple AV Screens
Multiple AV screens

All our rooms include powerful NEC 5500 lumen projectors providing crisp picture quality for your presentations, even for those at the back.

Our lecture theatres and larger rooms have additional side-view and mid-room AV screens so no one misses a thing.  

Document viewers
Document viewers

All our rooms include Wolf Vision document viewers for you to share notes, pictures, articles or coursework easily. Just turn the viewer on. 

Simple touch screen zoom controls enable the smallest item to be enlarged for review and comment. 

Audio Lapel Mics and Speaker Systems
Audio lapel mics and speaker systems

All our rooms come with full audio lapel mics and speaker systems. 

You will be heard at the front middle and back of the room, wherever you choose to present. 

Sky Cloud Wifi
Sky Cloud wifi

Sky Cloud wifi is available throughout UCL Venues meetings rooms and common areas.