Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


Inclusive Advocacy

An advocacy package for UCL Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff who want to progress to in their careers.

How Inclusive Advocacy works

Inclusive Advocacy matches protégés to advocates, to work together for up to two years. It is open to academic and professional services staff across UCL.

Protégés are UCL Black Asian and Minority Ethnic staff at grades 7 or 8 who want to progress in their careers.

Advocates are UCL staff from any ethnic background at grade 9 or 10 who are committed to using their networks, knowledge and social capital to advance a protégé’s career.

The aims of Inclusive Advocacy

Inclusive Advocacy aims to address the underrepresentation of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic staff in UCL senior leadership roles.It is as part of a wider suite of programmes addressing race equality, and a key commitment in UCL’s Race Equality Charter Mark.

In the latest UCL ethnicity pay gap report it highlights the fact that Black Asian and Minority Ethnic staff are underrepresented at senior levels which continues to be the overwhelming reason for the ethnicity pay gaps. Read more about the gender and ethnicity pay gap (2023

For more information on the background, read the rationale for the 2018-20 pilot.

How to apply

We are currently not accepting applications for the Inclusive Advocacy programme.

If you are interested in similar professional development schemes at UCL please take a look at our B-Mentor programme and the Organisational Development webpage.

Please email inclusive-advocacy@ucl.ac.uk for any questions.