Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


Inclusive Advocacy

An advocacy package for UCL Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff who want to progress to leadership

 “It's great that a powerful organisation such as UCL is brave enough to tackle the difficult issues of institutional and structural racism, and actually put programmes in place to practically help and support BAME staff to successfully navigate the system and rise through the ranks.”
Protégé, 2018 cohort

Contact inclusive-advocacy@ucl.ac.uk

How Inclusive Advocacy works

Inclusive Advocacy matches a BAME protégé to a senior UCL advocate, to work together for up to two years. It is open to academic and professional services staff across UCL.

Protégés are UCL BAME staff at grades 7 or 8 who want to progress their careers.

Advocates are UCL staff at grade 9 or 10 who are committed to using their networks, knowledge and social capital to advance a protégé’s career.

2021 updates

We are not currently matching new pairs, but we expect to recruit and train new participants in the 2021-22 academic year.

You can register future interest in being a protégé or an advocate here.

If you are a protégé who has been trained but not yet matched, we hope to offer you a potential advocate soon. Please email inclusive-advocacy@ucl.ac.uk to check your status.

Current participants

All resources and communications are in the Inclusive Advocates Microsoft Teams group.

If you need to be added, email inclusive-advocacy@ucl.ac.uk or send a request in Teams.

Other race equality opportunities

Protégés in professional services can consider applying for Accelerate to Leadership grade 9 and 10 secondments. Advocates can recommend that their division hosts Accelerate to Leadership secondments.

Protégés can volunteer as Fair Recruitment Specialists to support interview panels across UCL.

UCL Organisational Development offers several leadership development programmes, some of which are exclusively for BAME staff.

UCL BAME staff at grades 5, 6 and 7 can apply for the B-MEntor programme: there is an academic and a professional services stream.

The aims of Inclusive Advocacy

Inclusive Advocacy aims to increase the proportion of BAME staff in UCL leadership. It is as part of a wider suite of programmes addressing race equality, and a key commitment in UCL’s Race Equality Charter Mark.
Inclusive Advocates is the only programme of its kind in UK higher education.

In the latest UCL workforce report (2018 data), 19% of the whole staff population were BAME. 24% staff at grades 1-8 were BAME, but only 11% at grades 9 and 10.

Of the 2018 cohort, 23% of protégés have progressed to higher grades – on secondment, on permanent posts, and to posts outside UCL.