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Year 6: GP Assistantship (GPA)

All students in the final year of MBBS spend 4 weeks on the GP Assistantship, and 93% of these practice placements take place outside of the London area.

The 4-week GP Assistantship is designed to make students 'think about the bigger picture'. In comparison to GP placements in other years of the curriculum, the final year provides a greater challenge to gain experience relevant to Foundation posts. Students will build confidence in seeing patients by leading their own surgeries and formulating management plans.

Overview of GP Assistantship course in Year 6

The final year timetable consists of 16 weeks DGH assistantship, which includes Acute Care and A & E and 16 weeks Student-Select Component (SSC), which includes 4 weeks general practice and elective. 

The research department of Primary Care & Population Health offer final year students an SSC in General Practice and the GP Assistantship course.

GP Assistantship is organised over six rotations in the autumn and spring terms.  Tutors may also be invited to become examiners or participate in revision courses.

Sept - DecJan - FebMarch 
Rotation 1Rotation 5Revision  (1 week)
Rotation 2Rotation 6OSCEs
Rotation 3  
Rotation 4
Student Information

Most practices offer a placement for one student, although some can accommodate a pair of students. Student are also given the opportunity to arrange their own GP placement at training practices local to them but outside of London.

For full instructions for you to select, submit, and confirm your GP placement, you will need to log onto our course Moodle page, where you can also find a selection of course materials, and additional information about travel, accommodation, and details of the organisation of your attachment.

Please contact  pcphmeded@ucl.ac.uk if you have any questions.

GP Tutor Information

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