Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Morning Workshops

Schwartz Groups
Dr Faye Gishen

Schwartz rounds, an American reflective practice tool, have been introduced for UCL medical students since 2014 to support student concerns about developing compassion fatigue and burnout. These offer an alternative to some conventional reflective practice, which is sometimes perceived as onerous and artificial. This is the second medical school in the world to use dedicated rounds for medical students, who are given the opportunity to attend them in years 5 and 6. During the workshop, we will present feedback from students and offer delegates an opportunity to experience and discuss the Schwartz round tool. 

Getting in to Medical School
Dr Sarah Bennett

This workshop will engage delegates in discussion of selection processes for medical school. How do we conceptualise a 'good medical student' and 'good doctor'? And how do these conceptions relate to students' thoughts about career ambitions and learning in the general practice setting? 

Student well-being
Dr Will Coppola

This workshop will provide an opportunity for delegates to continue discussion of ideas raised in the plenary about the principles of student well-being, and specifically how these relate to UCL policy and process. How can you identify and support students about whom you have concerns? What does a 'well' student look like and in contrast what does absence or diminished student 'well-being' look like? How can GP tutors use their insights as healthcare practitioner-teachers and where do boundaries between these roles lie?  

How are general practice placements made thinkable?
Dr Sophie Park and Dr Vitor Barreto

This workshop will consider some existing discourses about general practice placements; how these constrain what is thinkable and unthinkable to learn in this setting; and in turn how these limit available possibilities for being a 'student', 'patient', or 'GP teacher'. We will use examples from analyses of policy and research texts as a basis for discussion and exploration or participants' experiences of discourse-in-practice.