Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


ONS Researcher Accreditation

Each researcher named on the Research Project Accreditation Application form is asked to say whether they will be:

  • An 'Accredited Researcher' - LS researchers wishing to see or use initial research outputs (known as 'pre-publication' outputs) must have ONS Researcher Accreditation, which involves completing a Full Accredited Researcher Application (Word) form (see Accredited Researcher Application Guidance (PDF)).
  • Or a 'Peer Reviewer with access to data' - i.e. a researcher who accesses the data in a secure setting (e.g. one of the ONS secure research rooms) to validate previous analysis and who has access to cleared outputs from the research (i.e. pre-publication clearances). In this case, the researcher must also complete a Full Accredited Researcher Application form.
  • Or a 'Peer Reviewer with access to cleared outputs only' - i.e. a researcher who does not access the data, but does have access to cleared, non-disclosive outputs ('pre-publication' outputs). They do not need to be a full Accredited Researcher but will need to sign a confidentiality agreement which ONS will send to the project's lead researcher.

Send your completed forms to celsius@ucl.ac.uk so that we may help you to finalise them to the standards required by ONS - feel free to contact celsius@ucl.ac.uk at any point for assistance with your application.

Once your application has been approved, ONS will ask you to sign an Accredited Researcher Assurance Register.

Secure data training

Approved Accredited Researchers will be invited by ONS to complete secure data training. Please note that CeLSIUS cannot release any outputs for a project until Accredited Researchers have been trained.