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Behavioural Science and Early Diagnosis of Cancer Group


The Behavioural Science and Early Diagnosis of Cancer Group has expertise in understanding uptake of cancer screening (focusing on colorectal and cervical screening), communication and decision-making in screening, measuring patient experiences, and assessing knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about cancer. Core funding for the group comes from the Policy Research Unit in Cancer awareness, Screening and Early Diagnosis. We also receive project specific funding from Cancer Research UK, and the National Institute of Health research. 

Our group is part of the KCL/UCL/QMUL Cancer Behavioural Science Network Meeting and the CRUK's City of London Centre and UKSBM's Cancer Special Interest Group. 


This group is led by Professor Christian von Wagner (c.wagner@ucl.ac.uk).


Ongoing projects

Cancer attitudes and communication

Colorectal cancer screening

  • Lancashire Bowel Cancer Screening Promotion Team Call for a Kit evaluation (ongoing)
  • Developing and Evaluating a Chatbot to support informed choice about bowel cancer screening uptake (With UCL Computer Science and St Mark's Bowel Cancer Screening Centre, Starting Autumn 2023) 

Patient reported Experience of Cancer Screening 

  • Developing new Patient reported Cancer Screening Questionnaires 
  • Evaluation of At-Home Capsule Endoscopy (together with UCLH Endoscopy)
  • Risk Stratification in Colorectal Cancer Screening (under development) 

Current PhD projects 

Completed projects

Cancer attitudes and communication

Cervical cancer prevention and HPV

Colorectal cancer screening

Lung cancer screening

Recent Publications (Since 2022)

Publications - Over the last 6 years