Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Reporting Guidelines for Social Media Research (RESOME)

The aim of this study is to develop reporting guidelines for social media research. To do this, we plan to carry out a series of Delphi surveys and host an online consensus meeting to develop the items on the reporting guidelines. We are inviting relevant stakeholders to take part, including statisticians, epidemiologists, research methodologists, experts in conducting or evaluating social media interventions (to form at least 25% of the group), journal editors, and patient and public representatives.  If you would like to participate, please read the:


The draft RESOME checklist can be viewed here.

The protocol for this project is currently under review at JMIR Protocols: the pre-print is available here: https://preprints.jmir.org/preprint/31739 

This work is being delivered by the National Institute for Health Research Policy Research Unit in Cancer Awareness, Screening and Early Diagnosis. 

Principal investigator:  Dr Christian von Wagner
Contact: Dr Aradhna Kaushal
Collaborators:  Caroline Bravo, Prof Stephen Duffy, Douglas Lewins, Prof Ralph Möhler, Prof Rosalind Raine, Prof Ivo Vlaev, and Prof Jo Waller.