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Mental wellbeing and happiness for all is goal of UCL startup

MindHug is helping more people to access a host of transformative therapies including art therapy, yoga and mindfulness.

8 March 2022

Raj Singh

The startup is launching its first mobile app, which will connect individuals with therapists across the UK. It’ll deliver a hybrid solution, with digital content and face-to-face to therapy sessions.

Raj Singh founded MindHug in 2019, after graduating with a Master’s degree in Technology Entrepreneurship, from the UCL School of Management.

Raj wrote his UCL Master’s dissertation on mental health services. He found that there was an increasing body of clinical evidence to support a suite of therapies such as music therapy, art therapy and mindfulness. He started thinking about how to deliver these therapies, as well as established methods like CBT, in a more accessible way.

Raj successfully applied to join BaseKX, UCL’s entrepreneurship hub, managed by UCL Innovation & Enterprise. Here he received free, tailored support and dedicated office space which helped fast track his ideas for developing MindHug.

MindHug has also benefitted from the help of UCL’s Global Innovation Team within UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

In the future, MindHug aims to use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to privately and securely assess people’s mental wellbeing. They can then select the most appropriate course of therapy, personalised for the individual. 

“We call ourselves a mental health innovation company and the digital platform is just a small step on a long road,” Raj says.  

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