UCL Department of Economics


Economics Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a range of our most frequently asked questions related to applying to our BSc Economics programmes.


Before you apply

Can I visit the Department of Economics?

The best way to visit us, virtually or in-person is at one of our Open Days. UCL's Open Days normally take place in June and September, when the Department of Economics is open to visitors and staff are available to discuss our degrees. Economics Offer Holder Open Days are usually held from November to March for UK-based offer holders.

You can take a self-guided tour of UCL's campus by following the self-guided tour map. Alternatively, UCL runs campus tours on selected afternoons where you can look around UCL with a student guide. To book a place on a tour, you should contact Campus Tours at campustours@ucl.ac.uk

Am I eligible to apply?

Our undergraduate entrance requirements are available on the UCL website. If your qualifications are not included in the list of standard entrance requirements, please contact us at: econ-ug-admissions@ucl.ac.uk or call +44 (0)20 8138 7798.

Am I eligible to apply with an A grade in A Level Mathematics if the A* grade was not available when I sat the examination?

We would consider your application in relation to the grade criteria that was available at the time the qualification was taken. The admissions selector would also look closely at individual module results for evidence of ability to obtain an A* grade.

Is it worth applying for admission to a BSc Economics degree with a predicted grade in A Level Mathematics lower than A*?

Applicants who are not likely to achieve a grade A* in A Level Mathematics are advised not to apply as it is an entrance requirement and mathematics plays an important part in the course.

Will resitting A Level modules affect my chances of success?

We ask that specified A Level grades should be obtained in the first sitting, and therefore applicants who achieve these grades without taking a resit are more likely to be successful.

How much competition is there for places on the BSc Economics degrees?

Competition for places on our programmes is intense. We receive approximately 3900 applications for 257 places, with the majority of these being from suitably qualified applicants. Therefore, meeting our entrance requirements does not guarantee that an application will be successful.

The Application Process

How do I apply?

You can find information on how to apply at this link.

Can I defer my entry? 

We accept applications from students who wish to defer a year. It is not possible, however, to hold an offer beyond the following year of entry. If you're not able to attend the course at either the next year of entry or the following year of entry, you should delay submitting your application until the appropriate admissions cycle.

What is taken into consideration during the selection process?

The admissions selector considers all the information contained in the UCAS application form. When making a decision, the personal statement, referee’s report, academic record and predicted examination results are all taken into account.

How important are my GCSE grades in the selection process?

The admissions selector looks at each application on its own merits, but those applicants with a high number of GCSEs passed at grade 8 are more likely to be successful.

Which A Level subjects are suitable for applying for admission to the BSc Economics degrees?

UCL’s general entrance requirements ask for a minimum of two A Level from the preferred list. If you have taken Mathematics at A Level (A2), we generally have no preference to the other subjects you take at A Level.

Are A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics considered as two separate subjects?

Yes, we regard these A Levels as two separate A Level subjects.

Are Critical Thinking and General Studies accepted as A Level subjects?

Critical Thinking and General Studies can only be accepted at A2 level as a pass in a fourth AS level subject.

Will I be offered an interview?

We don't conduct interviews for our Economics programmes, you'll be assessed entirely on your application form.

How will I be informed of the outcome of my application?

As soon as a decision on your application has been reached, it will be sent to you via UCAS. If you are offered a place, you will also receive a letter from the Faculty Tutor with details of the offer.

If I am unsuccessful, will it be possible to receive more detailed feedback or have my application reviewed?

Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to provide feedback in addition to the comments that are communicated to unsuccessful applicants via UCAS. Please note that revised predicted grades will not be accepted after a decision has been made.

If I receive a conditional offer, do I need to send my examination results to UCL?

Results for A and AS Levels, Scottish Advanced Highers or Highers, Irish Highers and some International Baccalaureate are sent to UCL directly by the awarding bodies via UCAS. 

If your offer is conditional on other exam results, you should forward these results to the Central Admissions Office as soon as you recieive them and no later that the 31 August. You should be prepared to produce original evidence of your entry qualifications – either the original results certificate or a certified photocopy (stamped by your school and signed by your tutor as a ‘true copy’). 

If you have a query relating to the submission of results certificates, you should contact the Central Admissions Office.

What happens if I do not achieve the offer conditions?

As the BSc Economics degrees are heavily oversubscribed, there is very little scope for lowering offer conditions and unfortunately the offer of a place is unlikely to be confirmed.

Is it possible to apply for the BSc Economics degrees through Clearing or the UCAS Adjustment process?

The number of offers made exceeds the number of places available to allow for those who choose to go elsewhere or do not meet their offer conditions. This means that we rarely have any available places in August/September and do not participate in either the Adjustment process or Clearing, nor do we operate a waiting list.

General questions

Is it possible to transfer directly into the second or third year of any of the BSc Economics degrees?

We do not permit students to transfer directly into the second or third year of our BSc programmes and credits from other universities are not accepted. This policy applies to all students, including students from within UCL as well as those from other universities.