UCL Department of Economics


Mathias Huebener

German Institute for Economic Research

Mathias Huebener

I decided to join UCL’s Master in Economic Policy Programme as my career objective has been to bring economic theory to life and apply the concepts to real world problems as an economic policy adviser. The programme provides the unique opportunity to combine high level training in economic theory with its technical and empirical implementation to answer policy questions. While the first term concentrated on theoretical concepts, the second term offered to either deepen the command of economic theory or to learn about its application to various fields of economic research. There are many options available such that the second term curriculum can be tailored to the student’s particular interest.

The members of the teaching staff were very approachable and it was easy to discuss questions about the material personally. I could feel that they care about their students. The quality of researchers and lecturers working in the department is very high, and also earned high appreciation when I applied for a job.  

Today, I am doctoral student and working as an empirical researcher in the field of educational economics for one of Germany’s leading economic think tanks, the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). We study the determinants of educational choices and the impact of policy interventions aiming at altering them. In retrospect, the MSc in Economic Policy was a challenging programme which offered a tailor-made preparation to the requirements of my position.

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