UCL Department of Economics


Entry Requirements

UK applicants to the MSc Economics programme require a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with at least upper second-class Honours, or equivalent, with a significant quantitative component. Applicants with a very good Bachelor's degree in another quantitative discipline, such as mathematics, statistics, engineering or physics, may also be considered. Admission is competitive. Degrees in Business Studies / Business Administration or Accounting are not appropriate preparation for the considerable quantitative demands of our MSc programmes.

Applicants should demonstrate that they:

  • Are comfortable with academically rigorous content
  • Enjoy technical challenges in the discipline
  • Have an aptitude for applying sophisticated technical tools to topical questions in Economics

Entering MSc students take an intensive refresher Maths and Statistics Course at the start of term, after having completed the summer pre-course homework described in the ECONG100 Maths & Stats syllabus. All applicants must be proficient with matrix algebra, multi-variate calculus and optimization techniques before embarking on the MSc.

Applicants whose first degree is from outside the UK must possess a similar level of training and qualifications as UK degree-holding applicants. Applicants also need to demonstrate competence in English at UCL's "Good" level before the start of the course and preferably at the time of application.


Applicants who studied for their undergraduate degree at a university outside the UK must supply GRE General Test scores. The quantitative GRE score must be at least 161 (post-August 2011 scores). Upload a copy of your GRE score report with your online application for admission.

If your transcripts do not indicate all of the courses that you are taking in your final year/term, include with your application for admission a list of your final year's/final term's courses.