Masters in Economics

Taught by a world-class faculty, our two masters programmes give a thorough knowledge of cutting-edge techniques in theoretical and applied economics. The 3 month dissertation allows these skills to be applied to a project of the student’s choice. Recent graduates have gone on to PhDs, research institutes and careers across the public and private sectors.

Comparing the programmes


MSc Economic Policy (to 17-18 only)

MSc Economics


Mainly applied: 4 out of the 7 courses are applied and the three core courses are more slanted towards applied material Mainly core: 5 or 6 out of the 7 courses cover core, mainly theoretical material, and 1 or 2 can be applied


3 or 4 options from List A: Applied; 1 or 2 from List P: Policy 2 or 3 options from List C: Advanced Core; 1 or 2 from List A: Applied.

Common elements

The Research methods course and the dissertation The Research methods course and the dissertation

Which programmes should I take?

Graduates from both programmes go on to do PhDs and work in a whole range of roles in central banks, policy institutions, and the public and private sectors.  See the MSc Economics and MSc Economic Policy student profile pages for details.

Which programme you choose is a matter of taste.  If you prefer applying economics to practical questions, the MSc Economic Policy may be for you.  If you prefer theory, consider the MSc Economics. A recent student described the difference as ‘One of them will teach you to make a car, the other to drive it’.

Students from both programmes go on to further research, but if you intend to do a PhD at a top institution (for example UCL, LSE, Oxford, UPF, top US schools) we recommend you take the MSc Economics.  This is because the first year of such PhDs consist of courses on core material so the more core material you have covered beforehand the better. 

Since we apply the same admissions criteria to both programmes, we allow students to switch between programmes during the first four weeks of the academic year.

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