UCL Department of Economics


MSc Economics

Programme structure and module options

Term 1

Research methods course: Online course in Mathematics and Statistics during the summer before the start of the MSc programme, with review sessions during the first week of term, before the core courses begin.

Three core modules, each consisting of 4 hours of lectures and a 1 hour small-group class per week. 


Term 2

Research methods course: 1 week course covering, academic writing skills, empirical and econometric skills and software workshops in the use of Matlab and Stata.

Four optional modules across List A: Applied options AND List B: Advanced Core options. Students who plan to proceed to PhD-level study are advised to take two or more modules from List B: Advanced Core options. In particular, students who take at least two modules from List B: Advanced Core options will qualify for a conditional offer upon applying to the UCL MRes/MPhil/PhD Economics programme.

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Core modules

Microeconomics -  ECON0065

Macroeconomics - ECON0066

Econometrics - ECON0064

Research Methods - ECON0080

List A: Applied options

Public Microeconomics - ECON0061

Topics in Labour Economics - ECON0062

Topics in Money and Finance - ECON0063

Economics of Development - ECON0105

Health Economics - ECON0069

Applied Policy Analysis - ECON0075

Agenda Setting and Public Policy - PUBL0027 (not available to MSc Economics students in 2020-21 because the module has moved from Term 2 to Term 1)

Programme Evaluation for Users - ECON0070

Empirical Industrial Organisation - ECON0072

Behavioural Economics - ECON0102

International Trade - ECON0120

Macroeconomic Policy - ECON0073

Ethics in Welfare Economics - ECON0074 (not offered in 2020-21)

Environmental Economics: Principles and Policy - ECON0077

International Political Economy - PUBL0004  (or PUBL0027 but not both)


List B: Advanced core options

Advanced Macroeconomic Theory - ECON0057

Time Series Econometrics - ECON0058

Advanced Microeconomic Theory - ECON0059

Advanced Microeconometrics - ECON0060



Core and optional courses are assessed by final exams in April/May (Term 3).  For the Research Methods/Maths and Stats course, students take the final examination in the first week of the programme, in September/early October. 

Although weekly problem sets are marked and feedback is given,  they do not play any part in the final assessment.  

June – September


Research methods course covering academic writing skills, Empirical and Econometric skills and software workshops (Matlab and Stata).