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ECON0070 - Programme Evaluation for Users

ECON0070 Programme Evaluation for Users

This module is about the analysis of data within economics, and the interpretation of empirical results.

More specifically the module aims: 

  • To provide a practical introduction to commonly used econometric techniques
  • To understand the difference between an association and a causal effect 
  • To critically understand the analytical methods, such as matching, instrumental variables, and regression discontinuity designs
  • To impart the ability to understand and interpret results statistically and economically
  • To apply core economic theory to applied and policy-relevant topics
  • To relate differences in economic policy recommendations to differences in the theoretical and empirical features of the economic analysis, which underlies such recommendations.


  • Comprehension of complex arguments
  • Confrontation of theory and evidence
  • Ability to work with quantitative models and numerical data
  • Understanding of the roles of theory and empirical evidence in forming and critically assessing policy
  • Ability to assess the relevance and importance of the ideas of others
  • Ability to independently formulate and communicate arguments and conclusions.
Taught by:Uta Schoenberg
Assessment:2 hours of lectures per week and 5 problem classes with written assignments. The course will be examined by a 2-hour written exam in Term 3
Suitable for:Graduate students
Prerequisites:Permission from the Economics Department
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