UCL Department of Economics


Ben Guttman-Kenney

Financial Services Authority

I chose the MSc Economic Policy programme at UCL as knew I wanted to work as a professional economist following my undergraduate degree.

The programme was well structured for this goal as the core modules were good at combining theory, empirical evidence & present day issues.  There was a wide range of options I was able to choose from and my four choices enabled me to specialize in my preferred areas but also try out new subjects not encountered in my previous studies.  The year was very demanding but rewarding-I especially enjoyed the rigour of the Dissertation process regularly interacting with my supervisor.

I am now employed at the Financial Services Authority(FSA) which especially interesting as it is transitioning into becoming the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) with new responsibilities.   I am applying the economic knowledge learnt as well as the technical econometric skills in this position and it is now that I am employed I am realizing the full value of the MSc content.