UCL Department of Economics


ECONG042 - Experimental Economics


This course aims at providing students with basic knowledge of laboratory and field experimental methods in economics. Students will be expected to develop their own ideas of experimental design. 

Course outline:

1. Experiments on Individual Preferences
Topics include: Experimental test and measurement of risk / ambiguity / time preferences; Measuring other regarding preferences.

2. Experiments on Game Theory
Topics include: Testing solution concepts; Extension of standard game theory concepts – Quantal response equilibrium, cognitive hierarchy models, etc; learning in games.

3. Experiments on Markets
Topics include: Basic market experiments – Double auction and other market types; some experiments on financial markets.

Taught by:
Syngjoo Choi
Assessment: 2 hours of lectures per week and 5 problem classes with written assignments. The course will be examined by a 2-hour written exam in Term 3
Suitable for:
Graduate students
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