UCL Ear Institute


Equality and Diversity

The Ear Institute and UCL actively promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. On this page you will find key information on issues relating to race, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation, and disability as well as other equalities initiatives at UCL. You will also find links to Faculty of Brain Sciences and UCL webpages with further details on equality and diversity.

Race, Religion and Belief


We aim to promote gender equality in all our operations and prevent unlawful gender discrimination.

Dignity at work


There is no compulsory retirement age at UCL. Staff may be able to flexibly retire or retire before 65 dependent upon pension scheme rules but are encouraged to discuss retirement plans early with their line manager.

Staff will be offered membership of UCL Alumni Association upon retirement.


We are committed to promoting disability equality and there are separate student  and staff services available for support.

Equality Networks

At UCL there are number of different equality networks including DEOLO network of departmental equal opportunity liaison officers who act for both students and staff as a source of advice. One role of the DEOLO is to help the Head of Department with implementation of UCLs Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2015, Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter.