Cosmoparticle Initiative



The Cosmoparticle Initiative exists to promote interdisciplinary research, chiefly between particle physics and cosmology. The primary approach to developing the scientific programme is through PhD studentships co-supervised by academics from different groups. We also run an international visitor exchange programme, connecting us to external expertise and collaborations.


PhD Projects…

Cosmoparticle PhD Projects

Read more about ongoing and available PhD projects as part of the Cosmoparticle Initiative.

Visitor Exchange Programme (CASPEN)…

Cosmology and Astroparticle Student and Postdoc Exchange Network (CASPEN)

Learn about the links we’re establishing to exchange ideas and expertise with the global community.



Papers resulting from research enabled by the UCL Cosmoparticle Initiative and CASPEN.

Research - Peer learning, books

Peer learning

As part of our interdisciplinary approach, we hold regular meetings where we learn from each other's expertise.

Workshops, blackboard


Workshops enabled by the Cosmoparticle Initiative.


The Astrophysics Group of UCL’s Department of Physics & Astronomy is one of the largest in the UK, comprising about 90 members of academic, research and support staff.

High Energy Physics

The UCL High Energy Physics group is also one of the largest in the UK with research areas spanning theory to data analysis from the LHC, dark matter and neutrino experiments.

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

UCL’s Department of Space and Climate Physics, also known as MSSL, is a world-leading research organisation and the UK’s largest university-based space science research group.

Physics and Astronomy

The Physics and Astronomy department hosts the Cosmoparticle Hub and encompasses both Astrophysics and HEP groups. It is located in the heart of the historical UCL campus in Bloomsbury, London.




PhD Projects Image: Cosmoparticle by Penelope Rose Cowley
Publications Photo: Vojta Kolencik used with CC license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)