Cosmoparticle Initiative


Peer Learning

As part of its commitment to interdisciplinary working, the Cosmoparticle Initiative runs peer learning events which encourage everyone from students to staff to share their experiences and expertise.

The sessions are held on Fridays at 11:30, approximately every other week and are open to everyone from UCL Physics & Astronomy and MSSL.

We alternate topics based around data and statistics with broader discussions including careers-related issues. In the past we have discussed areas as diverse as, for example:

  • blind component separation;
  • choosing a good research topic;
  • how to write readable code;
  • impostor syndrome;
  • supervised and unsupervised classification.

These are just a sample of the discussions we have enabled. Topics are chosen by polling the group and are led by a session chair. For more information contact Andrew Pontzen for general topics and Benjamin Joachimi or Ingo Waldmann for data topics.