Cosmoparticle Initiative


Cosmoparticle PhD Projects

Mirror with clouds…

From camera to cosmology with LSST weak lensing magnification

Student: Constance Mahony
PhD supervisors: Benjamin Joachimi (Astro), Andreas Korn (HEP)
Entry year: October 2016
Completed: October 2020

Dark Matter

Towards Dark Matter discovery with direct, production, and indirect searches

Student: Nicholas Angelides
PhD supervisors: Chamkaur Ghag (HEP), Andrew Pontzen (Astro)
Entry year: October 2017
Completed: September 2021

A wide-angle view of the NOAO Mayall 4-meter telescope on Kitt Peak National Observatory, P. Marenfeld & NOAO/AURA/NSF…

Understanding the effect of neutrinos on large scale structure

Student: Chris Pedersen
PhD supervisors: Ofer Lahav (Astro), Tom Kitching (MSSL)
Entry year: October 2017
Completed: August 2021

LUX researchers, seen here in a clean room on the surface at the Sanford Lab, work on the interior of the detector, before it is inserted into its titanium cryostat, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory…

Searching for Dark Matter with Deep Learning

Student: Omar Jahangir
PhD supervisors: Chamkaur Ghag (HEP), Tim Scanlon (HEP)
Entry year: October 2017
Completed: September 2021

Gravitational Waves versus matter, credit Karan Jani, Georgia Tech

Machine learning for the era of multi-messenger astronomy

Student: Catarina Alves
PhD supervisors: Hiranya Peiris (Astro), Jason McEwen (MSSL)
Entry year: October 2018

Observable Universe Illustration

Probing the Universe's expansion with standard sirens

Student: Francesca Gerardi
PhD supervisors: Benjamin Joachimi (Astro), Andreu Font-Ribera (External)
Entry year: October 2019

Dome at night

Pioneering the mapping of dark matter with the LSST

Student: Benjamin Stölzner
PhD supervisors: Benjamin Joachimi (Astro), Andreas Korn (HEP)
Entry year: January 2019

Eso1528a cropped

Optimal fundamental physics information from cosmic large-scale structure maps 

Student: Kiyam Lin 
PhD supervisors: Benjamin Joachimi (Astro), Jason McEwen (MSSL)
Entry year: October 2020

Large scale structure of the Universe, formed in a simulation from gravitational instability acting on tiny initial density fluctuations. Credit: Andrew Pontzen and Fabio Governato

AI insights into dark matter halo formation

Student: Lillian Guo
PhD supervisors: Hiranya Peiris (Astro), Andrew Pontzen (Astro)
Entry year: October 2020

Exploring the universe image

Exploring the dark universe with quantum technologies

Student: Fiona Alder 
PhD supervisors: Peter Barker (AMOPP) , Chamkaur Ghag (HEP)
Entry year: October 2020


Cosmology from quantum information theory

Student: Emanuele Panella
PhD supervisors: Jonathan Oppenheim (AMOPP), Andrew Pontzen (Astro)
Entry year: October 2021

Opening a new window

Towards the era of multi-messenger neutrino astronomy with the P-ONE experiment

Student: Beatrice Crudele
PhD supervisors: Matteo Agostini (HEP), Kinwah Wu (MSSL)
Entry year: October 2022