UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Appendix 13 - Developmental Reviews


Every trainee at UCL has an annual developmental review with their Course Tutor. The Review should be seen as the culmination of other tutor meetings throughout the year.

The Developmental Review is an opportunity for trainee and tutor to review the previous 12 months to identify what has gone well and any areas that have been more difficult. The review should aim to identify the opportunities for the forthcoming year and anticipated challenges. The review is also an opportunity to identify any problems for that trainee that might interfere with their clinical training and to see what might be done to relieve these.

The Developmental Review should also be an opportunity for the tutor to give the trainee clear feedback about their performance. By the end of the appraisal, the tutor and trainee should be able to specify training objectives for the trainee for the next twelve months.


The meeting should occur on a 1:1 basis, apart from some instances where the line manager may also need to be present. The focus of the meeting is on active discussion, although both tutor and trainee should make brief notes in preparation for the meeting.

A personal development plan should be completed jointly by the tutor and trainee, a copy retained by both parties, and one copy stored in the trainee's college file.

Preparing for the Review


Both the trainee and tutor should complete their respective sections from the Developmental Review Form.