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Centre for Transport Studies (CTS)

The Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) is a world leading multi-disciplinary transport centre that combines transport and city policy, strategy, development and implementation


The Centre for Transport Studies' vision is to improve mobility, safety and quality of life for all. CTS research embraces this through a programme of research across the transport and city domains, and covers all aspects of transport and mobility, including multiscale modelling and simulation of transport systems, human behaviour etc., design and implementation of policies, infrastructure and systems. CTS carries out research and teaching in governance; city mobilities; economics; infrastructure investment; networks; operations; accessibility and transport safety. CTS hosts the UCL PEARL (People-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory) (www.pearl.place) of the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure & Cities (UKCRIC). CTS works extensively with governments and industry all over the world.

CTS engages with researchers across UCL and more widely through its Transport@UCL platform.

Professor Nick Tyler is the current Director of CTS.


Based in UCL, the CTS houses a number of academic and research staff within the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering.

Academic staff
Teaching and Research Fellows
PhD students
  • Paul Beckford
  • Pola Berent
  • Alexander Blakesley
  • Alessandra Coda
  • Michael Evans
  • Athanasia.boulougari
  • Ahmed Ahmed
  • Jiping Fang
  • Samane Faramehr
  • Kurtis Garbutt
  • Amanda Gibberd
  • Nasma Hannawi
  • Jan Luca Kästle
  • Natchaya Lailomthong
  • Nattanon Luangboriboon
  • Mojtaba Malekzadeh
  • David Mguni
  • Nikos Papadosifos
  • Rama Rao
  • Nicolas Salvadé
  • Monish Sengupta
  • Sebastien Seriani
  • Meha Shukla
  • Zhengyue Wan
  • Ross Welham
  • Joseph Wright
  • Chih-Kai Yang
  • Junrong Yao
  • Octavio Zamudio
Honorary staff


The mission of the Centre for Transport Studies at UCL is to deliver world class research that contributes to making transport systems safe, sustainable, efficient, secure, equitable, accessible to all, and health and wellbeing promoting. Based in UCL, the work of the centre spans the whole world, from established transport networks to developing solutions and the cities of the future.

CTS also hosts a range of Research Seminars and Provocations series, with presenters from the Centre as well as invited speakers from industry and around the world.

Doctoral Research 

With over 45 students, CTS has an active doctoral research community, and hosts the Urban Sustainability and Resilience (USAR) Centre for Doctoral Training, and is one of the constituent groups of the Ecological Brain Doctoral Training Programme.

UCL PEARL is a unique research laboratory which studies how people and the environment interact. It allows us to create life-size environments in which we can test these interactions to find out how to make infrastructure work more sympathetically with people to create a better quality of life for all. As well as physical environments, PEARL can create and control a wide range of lighting, sound, acoustic and olfactory conditions, and records people’s responses using a variety of instrumentation including brain scanners, heart rate monitors, gait and posture sensors, eye trackers and electrodermal activity.


CTS members are heavily involved in the teaching of Transport Studies at all levels of study, and contribute to teaching on the following CEGE programmes: