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Intelligent Mobility @UCL: The Podcast

We’re exploring the transition from manual to self-driving vehicles. This podcast series explores the multi-disciplinary research that will impact us all.


Once a month, join Cassidy Martin on a journey of self-driving discovery. Each episode will feature members of the multidisciplinary research team at Intelligent Mobility at UCL - IM@UCL - that will revolutionise the future of driving. 



Episode 0: In the Beginning

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Prof Bani Anvari talks about the inspiration for, and the obstacles she and her team had to overcome to create UCL Intelligent Mobility Laboratory at PEARL as well as her ambitions for the facility.


  • Prof Bani Anvari, Founder and Director, Intelligent Mobility @ UCL

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Episode 1: By The People And For The People

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Helge Wuderman warns drivers through a tactile robotic chair and Aneesha Singha advocates for the marginalised in her inclusive research approach.


  • Prof. Helge Wurdemann
  • Dr. Aneesha Singh

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Episode 2: Problems and Potential in Self-Driving Vehicles

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Francesca Boem helps IM@UCL researchers navigate potential problems with maths and Jemima Unwin Teji compares humans and self-driving vehicles ability to drive safely after dark.


  • Dr Francesca Boem
  • Dr Jemima Unwin Teji

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Episode 3: Self-Driving From Big Picture To Individual Preference

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Kamal Achuthan uses IM@UCL's facility to simulate large scale maritime operations and help students gain perspective, while Laura Toni uses maths equations in combination with virtual and augmented reality to understand driver navigation preferences.


  • Kamal Achuthan 
  • Laura Toni

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Episode 4: Research Is All Fun and Games

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Ellie Cosgrove uses dance and play to create inclusive engineering designs, while Will Newton oversees student projects that utilise gaming systems to create virtual worlds for simulated driving.


  • Ellie Cosgrove
  • Will Newton

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   Episode 5: Robotics and Simulation: For or Against Humanity

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 Tim Hillel talks about how data on human behaviour can optimise the way we commute, while Dimitrios Kanoulas discusses using simulations to teach semi-autonomous vehicles how to drive.


  • Tim Hillel
  • Dimitrios Kanoulas

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Episode 6: From Land to Sea: Eco-Friendly Vehicular Design

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Mehdi Baghdadi talks about alternative materials and power sources for electric vehicles, while Yuanchang Liu discusses methods for testing autonomous boats and ships in the lab.


  • Mehdi Baghdadi
  • Yuanchang Liu

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About our host and podcast team


Cassidy Martin
Cassidy Martin

After hosting the season 2 #MadeAtUCL podcasts, Cassidy is happy to be back with UCL Minds in this brand-new series. With a varied academic background that includes Performance, Anthropology, and Psychology, she has a particular interest in research that includes multidisciplinary approaches. Her ultimate aim in research podcasting is to make content that is accessible and enjoyable to everyone. Outside of work, Cassidy enjoys travelling, drag, and spending time with her partner and tiny dog, Timmy.



Podcast team

  • Prof Bani Anvari, Executive Producer

  • Cassidy Martin, Host and Producer

  • Stephanie Limuaco, Campaigns Manager

  • Halle McCarthy, Campaigns Officer