UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering


Advanced & Innovative Materials (AIM) Group

Benefitting from strong industrial support and extensive international collaborations, AIM’s research activities have been well recognised in the world.


The aim of AIM is to promote industry-driven, interdisciplinary research in material science and engineering in order to provide leading-edge, sustainable solutions to the challenges facing engineers in today’s changing society and environment.


The Advanced & Innovative Materials (AIM) Group is located within the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering​ at University College London, and consists of UCL academics and PhD students, plus visiting researchers. 

Academic staff
Group leader
Visiting Professor
Research fellows
  • Dr Jingbo Yang
  • Dr Jianghong Mao
  • Olivier Doaré
Visiting research fellows
  • Dr Yuli Wang 
  • Dr Xiangguo Li 
  • Professor Shuhua Liu
  • Professor Zuquan Jin 
  • Dr Miaomiao Gui 
  • Dr Rongzhen Dong
Visiting researchers
  • Dr Guojian Liu
  • Dr Yanrong Zhang
Research students
  • Dr Min Liu
  • Dr Yongliang Liu 
  • Dr Colum McCague 
  • Dr Qianmin Ma
  • Dr Jun Ren 
  • Dr Shi Shi 
  • Dr Junjie Wang
  • Dr Yaocheng Wang
  • Dr Kai Yang 
  • Dr Yanfei Yue 
Current PhD students
  • Mr Lou Chen
  • Mr Guohao Fang
  • Mr Cheng Liu
  • Ms Shuqiong Luo
  • Mr Zhicheng Liu
  • Mr Tangwei Mi
  • Miss Giulia Trabacchin
  • Mr Kaan Ucak
  • Miss Danqian Wang
  • Miss Yi Wang
  • Mr Siyu Yang
  • Mr Hui Zhong

Research themes in AIM

The research themes are:

  • Novel, low-carbon and low-energy cementitious materials
  • Advanced composite materials
  • Rheology of novel cement and concrete
  • Durability of concrete structures
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Nuclear waste immobilisation




Equipment for concrete 
  • Mortar Mixer (Hobart)
  • Carbonation Chamber (LEEC)
  • Thermostatic Cabinet (Controls)
  • Vicamatic (Controls)
  • DT 300- Zeta Potential (Dispersion Technology Instruments)
  • Rheometer for Paste/Mortar
  • Rheometer for Concrete
  • PM 100 Ball Mill (Retsch)
  • MK II Chloride Analyzer (Sherwood)
  • Advantest 9 Flexual Frame (Controls)
  • Universal Tester
  • Pillar Drill
  • Scientific Microwave (Industrial Microwave system)
  • Orimet
  • J-ring
  • L-box
  • Water Bath
Equipment for characterisation 
  • Discovery V8 Microscope (CARL ZEISS)
  • G3 Morphology system (Malvern Instrument)
  • 200 HPLC (Perkin Elmer)
  • Dionex 1100 Ion Chromatography (Dionex)
  • 3R Centrifuge (AccuSpin)
  • S47 pH Conductivity Meter (Mettler Toledo)
  • Model M550 Double Beam Scanning UV / Visible Spectrophotometer (Camspec)
  • Rotary Evaporator (Buchi)
  • Rotary Evaporator (Made in house)
  • Hydraulic Conductivity Panel (Vykeham Farrance)
  • Raman Spectrometer (CRANN)


To access publications from AIM's academics and researchers, please visit their IRIS profiles.