UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Graduate School - Your Responsibility

The Doctoral School is committed to ensuring that the quality of research training at UCL is at the highest international level. They aim to ensure that you as a research student work in a high quality research training environment.

The Graduate Research Degrees Code of Practice details information on the following:

  • Upgrade from MPhil to PhD,
  • Study Leave,
  • Interruption of Study,
  • Extension to Completing Research Student (CRS) Status,
  • Late Submission, Post CRS Fees, Withdrawal of Study,
  • Sickness Absence,
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave,
  • Holiday Entitlements,
  • Academic Insufficiency,
  • Termination of Studies,
  • Graduation Ceremonies.

It is important that you read through this so for more information, please see the following website:

All research students are expected (mandatory for Research Council funded research students) to attend the Skills Development programme offered by the UCL Doctoral School


The two and a half hour session will introduce new research degree students to the Doctoral Skills Development Programme and the Research Student Log, showing how you can maximise your potential and research experience whatever your intended career paths. Specific guidance will be given in identifying both areas of relative strength and areas to be developed, taking an evidence-based approach to the development of both.

For more information go to http://www.grad.ucl.ac.uk/events/induction.html

There will be three Induction sessions in 2017/18. Registration will open in Term 1. Please register for only one of these sessions.

Interaction With Your Supervisor - E-Log

The UCL Graduate School provides an on-line Research Student Log which is mandatory for all UCL research degree (MPhil/PhD) students.


  • The student and Principal Supervisor are asked to document academic progression and skills development training in the Log.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to maintain this Log for her or his own long-term benefit but also is essential in completing your studies.
  • It reflects a dialogue between student and Supervisors and records a series of review meetings including the MPhil to PhD upgrade and discussions on academic (subject discipline), generic and transferable skills training. 

The Log is monitored by the Senior Finance Administrator and the Graduate Tutor and will confirm that it has been satisfactorily completed at upgrade from MPhil to PhD and at thesis submission.

Keeping in Contact

Your UCL email is the primary means of communication used by the staff in the Chemical Engineering Department but also University wide. It is therefore important that you are checking this regularly so that you do not miss out on any important information relevant to your studies.

You will receive a UCL email account and instructions about how to access your account as part of UCL’s enrollment procedures. Further information can be found online at: www.ucl.ac.uk/isd

Student Conduct

UCL has a number of published policy documents relating to conduct that you should familiarise yourself with: