UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Technical Staff


Areas of Responsibility

  • Advice and purchase of IT equipment, software and peripheral Devices
  • Configuration and on-going support of all IT Systems
  • Managing the maintenance and repair of all devices, in-house and external
  • Support of IT infrastructure including Networking, Storage etc.
  • Providing a link to ISD to resolve wider issues regarding central IT services

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    Areas of Responsibility

    • Repairs
    • Design, Construction and Modification
    • Advice on Instrument Specification
    • PAT Testing

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    Areas of Responsibility

    • General Waste Disposal
    • Large Deliveries
    • Maintenance Issues
    • Requests for facilities related projects
    • Post and deliveries
    • Room bookings and catering

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    Health, Safety and Instruments

    Areas of Responsibility

    • General safety advice
    • Safety training
    • Hazardous waste disposal
    • Issues with RiskNET
    • DSE assessment advice
    • Instrument repairs and modifications
    • LabVIEW requests

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    Shared Department Research Facility

    Areas of Responsibility

    • SAX
    • Bench-top TEM
    • LCMS
    • FTIR-Microscope
    • Zeiss Inverted Microscope
    • High Speed Camera

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    Centre Technical Contacts

    Centre for Nature-Inspired Engineering (CNIE)

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    Electrical Innovation Lab (EIL)

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    The workshop provides an in-house design and fabrication service for the Departments of Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Physics. Research projects will often require bespoke devices to be built. The workshop technicians work with staff and students to create 3D design drawings for approval and then to use a wide range of CNC machine tools to turn their abstract ideas into fully functioning prototypes.

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      Chemical Engineering Technical Staff

      Simon BarrassFacilities Managers.barrass@ucl.ac.uk
      Natalie BurnhamTechnical Safety Officerchemeng.safety@ucl.ac.uk
      Melanie IngleFacilities Administratormelanie.ingle@ucl.ac.uk
      Nick SneadInstrument Techniciann.snead@ucl.ac.uk
      George ChristoforouComputing and Electronic Systems Techniciang.christoforou@ucl.ac.uk
      Albert CorrederaElectronics Techniciana.corredera@ucl.ac.uk
      Dave EllisComputing and Electronic Systems Techniciandavid.ellis@ucl.ac.uk
      Mark SpurgeonComputing and Electronic Systems Technicianm.spurgeon@ucl.ac.uk
      Martyn ValeComputing and Electronic Systems Managerm.vale@ucl.ac.uk
      Han WuResearch Laboratories Managerhan.wu@ucl.ac.uk
      Barry ReidResearch Technician (CNIE)barry.reid.14@ucl.ac.uk
      VacantLab Manager (EIL) 
      Toby NevilleDepartmental Technical Operations Managert.neville@ucl.ac.uk
      Francesco IacovielloExperimental Manager (EIL Lab X-ray imaging facility)f.iacoviello@ucl.ac.uk
      Ami ShahTechnician (EIL)ami.r.shah@ucl.ac.uk
      Martin BlackmanMechanical Workshop Managerm.blackman@ucl.ac.uk
      Simon DawesWorkshop Technicians.dawes@ucl.ac.uk
      Adam ManeyWorkshop Techniciana.maney@ucl.ac.uk
      Aimilios Davlantis Workshop Technician aimilios.lo@ucl.ac.uk
      Rajesh GanithiWorkshop Technician r.ganithi@ucl.ac.uk
      Dren MaliqiWorkshop Techniciand.maliqi@ucl.ac.uk
      Nirav ShahTechnical Lab Administratorucecnir@ucl.ac.uk
      Omid NasrollahiElectronics Systems Technical Assistanto.nasrollahi@ucl.ac.uk
      Mark Buckwell APL Lab Managermarkbuckwell@ucl.ac.uk
      Sydney WieckowskiMFL Technician (Chemical)sydney.wieckowski@ucl.ac.uk
      Qingning Yang Research Instrument Technician qingning.yang@ucl.ac.uk
      Joe BarwickAPL Research Technican (Battery) j.barwick@ucl.ac.uk
      Rosalie HamillAPL Research Technician (Chemical) and Deputy Safety Officerr.hamill@ucl.ac.uk
      Joanna Borowiec Research Lab Managerj.borowiec@ucl.ac.uk