UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Training Requirements

All staff and researchers must attend a Local Fire Safety Induction and complete the Fire Safety & UCL Safety training courses on their first day of work.

Local inductions are normally carried out by line managers or area safety reps. Researchers will not be permitted to work in the lab until they have completed all their mandatory safety training.

The table below shows the essential training requirements for all staff, researchers, and masters students in the department

All StaffLocal Fire SafetyGuided Tour - Manager/Area Safety Rep (refreshed every two years) 
All StaffFire SafetyLearnUpon - First Day
All StaffUCL Safety InductionLearnUpon - First Day
Then EITHER Lab OR Office Safety in Chemical Engineering
Office-based StaffOffice Safety in Chemical EngineeringMoodle (Code: UCLChemEng) - First Day
Lab-based StaffLaboratory Safety in Chemical EngineeringMoodle (Code: UCLChemEng) - First Day

The table below shows mandatory training for lab-based staff, researchers, and masters students.

All Lab-based Staff and StudentsLocal Lab InductionGuided Tour - Manager/Area Safety Rep 
Lab-based PhD and MSc StudentsLab Risk Assessment WorkshopDepartmental Workshop
Lab-based PhD and MSc StudentsPrinciples of Risk Assessment LearnUpon

The table below shows additional specific mandatory training for specific lab users and defined roles

Compressed Gas UsersUsing Gas Cylinders Safely within UniversitieseLearning provided by Gas Safe Consultants
Compressed Gas UsersPressure SafetyDepartmental Workshop and Moodle (Code: CECG)
Compressed Gas UsersConnecting regulators and safe cylinder set-up trainingInstructor Lead Course
Liquid Nitrogen UsersSafe Decanting of Liquid NitrogenInstructor Lead Course
Liquid Nitrogen UsersUsing Liquid Nitrogen Safely Within UniversitieseLearning provided by Gas Safe Consultants
Radioactive Material UsersPrinciples of Radiation Safety (SHURS)LearnUpon
Radioactive Material UsersSafe Handling of Unsealed Radioactive Sources

Instructor Lead Course

X-Ray UsersSafe Use of X-raysLearnUpon
X-Ray ManagersManagement of X-raysLearnUpon
Laser UsersLaser Safety AwarenessLearnUpon
Fire Evacuation MarshallsFire Evacuation Marshal (FEM) TrainingLearnUpon
Fire Evacuation MarshallsSafe Use of Fire ExtinguishersInstructor Lead Course

Completion certificates of all completed safety training should be sent to: chemeng.safety@ucl.ac.uk.