UCL Chamber Music Club


Taking Part

During lockdown we have been experimenting with providing online concerts, if you would like to take part we would welcome your contributions!

How do I express an interest in taking part?

  • Members will be sent an email to invite them to participate in the next concert - this generally happens a few weeks before the intended date.
  • If you are interested in taking part but have not yet made a recording, please reply to the concert organiser to express your interest and describe what you would like to perform.
  • If you already have a recording prepared, please see below.

How do I submit my contribution?

  1. Record your contribution via whatever means you are able - please try to provide the video in MP4 format, landscape orientation.
  2. Download the consent form (below), and submit the completed form with your video to the concert organiser at least one week before the concert date.

Points to note:

  • You should obtain consent from all parties included in the recording, and note their name/contact details on the consent form.
  • We may apply basic edits to your recording, such as: increasing/decreasing the master volume to match the other recordings; changing the video dimensions and orientation to match the other recordings or adding captions. Edited copies will be provided for your review prior to the concert.

Consent form

Please complete and submit with your contribution (we cannot include your submission in the concert without it).  This form will be converted to pdf on receipt and will be stored securely, as will your contribution.