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Prepare to apply

Students practice CV writing

Writing CVs and applications

When applying for a job, course, PhD, funding opportunity and want to know how to effectively structure your application based on a particular recruiter's requirements, there is a lot of support available to help you.

Students in Careers event

Interview skills

If you have been invited to any type of interview, whether a one-to-one meeting, panel, phone, video or Skype interview, we can help you better understand the process and get yourself prepared.

Students taking quiz

Psychometric and aptitude tests

We provide information on a range of selection aptitude tests (numerical, verbal, logical reasoning, situational judgement, e-tray) and access to practice questions plus additional support where needed.

Students in mock assessment centre

Assessment centres

If you're likely to need to attend an assessment centre for the type of roles you're applying for, we can help you understand more about them and develop key skills that recruiters will be assessing.

Students reading

Skills Hub

Find useful information which will help you to develop the skills, strengths and qualities that employers are looking for.