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Here we have put together some useful information to help you develop the skills, strengths, and qualities employers are typically looking for.

Developing your employability skills at UCL 

The skills featured on the Skills Hub have been selected based on research from global reports*, focus groups, and the experiences of those in recruitment.

A global snapshot reveals employers find these skills, from communication to problem solving, important. Attaining these relevant skills help create an efficient and positive working dynamic among teams and may be particularly beneficial skills in the new working environment that many businesses are currently adopting – mainly remote, hybrid working, with more flexible hours.

Be exploring the skills outlined, you’ll find that whether you are studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification, you are already developing these skills as part of your programme and that, by taking part in extra-curricular activities while at UCL, you can help give yourself an advantage.

Click on each skill below to find out how you can develop these at UCL.

Note: Skill development is just one aspect of your career journey. Your knowledge, experience, values and personal attributes are all crucial too. Take a look at the UCL Pillars of Employability framework to learn more about what employability means and how you can continue to develop it.

*QS What do employers want from today’s graduates? Report 2022

Three students at a table in discussion

Interpersonal Skills

The ability to communicate, interact and build relationships with others.

A close up of students planning on a large sheet of paper on a table

Problem Solving Skills

The process of assessing a variety of situations and finding an outcome or solution.

Students around a desk talking

Teamwork Skills

Your willingness to understand a variety of viewpoints and work with others, often to achieve a common aim.

Students sat in a lecture theatre listening to their lecturer

Commercial Awareness Skills

The capability to gain and apply a deeper knowledge of an industry/sector in order to inform your perspectives and keep up to date with the marketplace in which it operates.

Several students around a table looking a paper on the table and thinking

Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills

The application of logical thinking, break down complex problems into manageable components objectively, and make a reasoned judgement by evaluating information.

Students in Careers event


The potential to inspire, motivate, and enable others to work together, often to achieve a common goal and the effectiveness of an organisation or group.

Students in Careers event

Resilience and Drive

The capacity to respond to pressure and recover from setbacks and difficult situations by demonstrating and working towards new goals.

Student talking with employer

Written and Verbal Communication

Your ability to convey your thoughts and ideas in writing, orally or electronically, whilst also being able to listen intently to others.

Students in Careers event


The readiness to adjust to new environments and conditions, and your role in the situation.

Students in Careers event

Decision Making

The proficiency to look at choices and identify a decision by weighing up the positives and negatives of each option and considering all alternatives.

Students in Careers event


The ability to turn original ideas into reality often by perceiving situations in new ways, finding hidden patterns and making new connections.

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Digital Skills

The knowledge to access and manage information from a variety of digital sources and to appropriately use a range of digital tools.