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The ability to turn original ideas into reality often by perceiving situations in new ways, finding hidden patterns and making new connections.

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Explore your understanding

Offering knowledge, producing insights, turning new ideas into reality are all part of the creativity process.  Many employers value creativity in the workplace, they are looking for you to be able to explore your creativity through research, experimenting, getting feedback, using imagination and collecting information. 

You will find that your work and how you work with others can also contribute to the overall goals of a creative process. Encouraging ideas is also consider a key part of the creativity process.

Find and develop your skill

 How can you improve your creativity skills at UCL? 
There is a lot of support here to help you develop this skill!

  • Employer–led Skills Session:

    Attend an Employer-led Skills session and learn through collaboration. Work alongside others while learning a new activity or task. You could also try coming to a Mock Assessment Centre where you can hear new ideas, practice working on case studies and explore your creative thinking.

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  • Innovation and Enterprise:
    By attending the 1 day Imagine: Business idea generation boot camp you will be able to understand more generating new ideas, the value of a good team and evaluate your own personal strengths.
  • Students' Union UCL:
    Be part of a club or society within the Students’ Union and further develop your creativity skills. Contribute new ideas to the operations and success of a wider group. 

  • Volunteering:
    UCL’s Volunteering Services Unit partners with more than 400 local charities to promote their volunteering opportunities. Volunteering on a project that you are interested in can help you develop your creativity skills, while adding to your CV.

Postgraduate Researchers:

Prepare your examples

Many employers are starting to look for evidence of creative thinking skills during the selection process. You may be asked to demonstrate your creative skills during a problem solving task as part of assessment centre activity or be asked to think of creative activities you like to pursue outside of your studies.

Prepare some examples of creative projects you may have worked on as part of your course? Can you think of any ideas you used to develop the project further?

Can you describe a creative idea or project you have developed yourself? How was it received by others? What steps did you take next?

Have you taken an existing process and used your own creativity to make it better? Can you describe what you learnt?

Need some support on how to structure your answer relating to creativity for an interview?
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Here you can find out more about how to structure your answer and demonstrate your skills along with many more resources that will help you prepare

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