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Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage Sector Insight Events

Are you considering a career in Museums, Arts or Cultural Heritage? Explore roles through our industry sector events.


Come and find out more about these sectors from professionals working in various roles within these sectors.

All events are open to students and recent graduates from across UCL.

How to prepare

Speaker profiles will be provided for each event, allowing you to do some initial research before attending. This will help you ask insightful questions at the events themselves.

We would recommend that you read through the range of help sheets and resources recommended on our resource library on effective networking and the relevant sector guides below, to better understand job roles, key employers and emploment opportunities, sources of sector news and information, and how UCL can help you:

We will also run a regular series of lunchtime talks on effective networking at events as part of our Career Essentials programme which provide tips and advice on building your professional networks.

Events 2023/24

The Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage Sector Insight Programme has finished for the 2023/24 academic year. Thank you for attending! Dates and information on Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage Sector Insight Programme events taking place in 2024/25 will be shared at the begining of the next academic year. Register for the latest career support, events and more straight to your UCL inbox. 

Missed this year's Sector Insight Events?

Read our blog featuring a UCL alum on the industry which discusses breaking into the Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage industry.

You can also view our event summaries that took place in the 2023/24 academic year below.

Introduction to the Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage Sector

This event has already taken place.

Monday 30 October, 1pm-2pm

The Museums and Cultural Heritage sector is one of Britain’s finest cultural assets, encompassing over 1,700 accredited museums.  It is part of the wider creative industry within the UK.  It consists of large famous institutions and many medium sized and smaller organisations with particular specialisms.  Careers in this sector can be very satisfying, offering opportunities to collaborate with motivated people on projects and subjects that correspond with your own interests.  Under the influence of societal changes and advances in digital technologies, the sector is continually evolving in many ways.  How it attracts audiences into its spaces, and how it reaches out to audiences outside its spaces are continual challenges for this important sector.

Our alumni panel, led by Christopher Cullen from UCL Careers, will give an overview of their careers, offer tips and suggestions for entering the sector, address issues currently facing the industry, and take questions from the audience.   

Confirmed speakers:

Aileen Brennan

Development Executive, English Heritage

Cara Coggan

Project Co-Ordinator, British Museum

Alexandra Steinacker-Clark

Freelancer and Blogger

Konstantina Vardavoulia

Learning Co-Ordinator, Design Museum

Digital Museums

This event has already taken place.

Wednesday 28 February, 6pm-7:30pm

In this session we will be discussing the contemporary landscape of Digital Applications in museums and galleries.

In a fast changing world, how is the digital connecting with physical collections in museums and galleries? How are museum and galleries adapting to digital applications and the rapidly developing advancements in technology? Also, what are the skills required to enter the sector and what are the ways for someone to start preparing for a career?

Networking in Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage Organisations

This event has already taken place.

Tuesday 12 March, 1pm-2pm

The Museum and Heritage sector is an industry in which  "who you know" really matters.  The job market is competitive, and even if you write a great application that doesn't guarantee an interview, let alone a job.  It really helps to know people in order to get in and get ahead. 

But how can you build a professional network if you're still at university?  And what if you're shy,  nervous about contacting strangers, confused about where to start or just convinced that networking is "something other people do"?

In this workshop we'll be teaching a PROVEN methodology that will help you reach out to people in the industry, have good quality conversations, and put yourself in a position where you are much more likely to hear about opportunities when they come up.   It is a straightforward and time-effective method and only requires a Linked In profile, a clear idea of what sort of job you're looking for, and the desire (or desperation) to stretch beyond your job-hunting comfort zone. 

There will be photography at this event. Please note that photographs, video, sound and/or written submissions taken at our events may be used in future printed and electronic UCL promotional material. Photographs/video will be stored electronically.

My Career in Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage: Pathways into the Sector

This event has already taken place.

Wednesday 20 March, 1pm-2:30pm

Interested in a career in Museums, Arts or Cultural Heritage? Join us for an inspiring event where we explore the journeys of those working in the sector and discuss ways of building a career in it.  

Find out how alumni & professionals who now work in Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage got to where they are now, and what their career journey looks like.  

Together we’ll discuss the steps they took along the way, the ups and downs of their experience, and their advice for those considering a career in the sector.

Together with professionals in the industry we will discuss:

- The story of their specific career paths
- Reflecting on their experience - what were the challenges, what helped them and what advice do they have?
- Practical information and advice – gaining experience, acquiring skills, networking and career development
- Q&A – where you can ask our panel your questions


Watch event recordings in our archive. These include complete panel discussions and in-depth interviews with experts.