UCL Career Frameworks


Information Security - grade 9

Example job roles: SOC Manager, Head of Risk and Governance, Security Domain Architect

Level: Independent 


Activities and responsibilities likely to be required when working at this level

  • Develops and communicates corporate information security policy, standards, and guidelines

  • Ensures architectural principles are applied during design to reduce risk

  • Drives adoption and adherence to policy, standards, and guidelines

  • Contributes to the development of organisational strategies that address information control requirements

  • Identifies and monitors environmental and market trends and proactively assesses impact on strategies, benefits, and risks

  •  Leads the provision of authoritative advice and guidance on the requirements for security controls in collaboration with subject matter experts

Personal and professional development

Development options to consider when working towards this level

Management and leadership skills

Learning on the job

  • Networking and communication skills 

Learning from others  

  •  Learning from other teams which engage outside ISD 

Formal learning

  • Most security course

  • UCL leadership programmes

  • TOGAF and/or SABSA for architects

Transferable skills and competencies

UCL uses the Universal Competency Framework (UCF) to discuss transferable skills. Find out more details on the framework.

Leading and supervising 

  • Providing direction and co-ordinating action
  • Supervising and monitoring behaviour
  • Coaching
  • Delegating
  • Empowering staff
  • Motivating others
  • Developing staf
  • Identifying and recruiting talent

Relating and networking

  • Building rapport
  • Networking
  • Relating across levels
  • Managing conflict
  • Using humour

Formulating strategies and concepts

  • Thinking broadly
  • Approaching work strategically
  • Setting and developing strategy
  • Visioning

UCL Ways of Working

These describe expected behaviours in line with UCL culture and values.  For Ways of Working indicators and steps to development please refer to the Ways of Working website

25 January 2022

Career Pathway roles are indicative and are not intended to be a description of the role in terms of responsibilty and duties.