UCL Career Frameworks


Information Security - grade 8

Example job roles: Senior Information Security Officer, Tier 3 SOC Analyst, Vulnerability Manager

Level: Independent 


Activities and responsibilities likely to be required when working at this level

  • Provides advice and guidance on security strategies to manage identified risks and ensure adoption and adherence to standards

  • Contributes to development of information security policy, standards and guidelines

  • Obtains and acts on vulnerability information and conducts security risk assessments, impact analysis and accreditation on complex information systems

  • Investigates major breaches of security and recommends appropriate control improvements

  • Develops new architectures that mitigate the risks posed by new technologies and organisational practices

Personal and professional development

Development options to consider when working towards this level

  • Mentoring
  • Presenting
  • Ability to organisee and delegate work

Learning on the job

  •  Delivery of all vulnerability management and pen testing services. 

  • Possess a broad understanding from the area of specialism they delivered at Grade 7 to understand a wider field of study.

Learning from others  

  • Understanding of the specialist areas under their remit

Formal learning

  • Additional courses from the material discussed at Grade 7

Transferable skills and competencies

UCL uses the Universal Competency Framework (UCF) to discuss transferable skills. Find out more details on the framework.

Persuading and influencing

  • Making an impact
  • Shaping conversations
  • Appealing to emotions
  • Promoting ideas
  • Negotiating and gaining agreement
  • Dealing with political issues

Formulating strategies and concepts

  • Thinking broadly
  • Approaching work strategically
  • Setting and developing strategy
  • Visioning

Relating and networking

  • Building rapport
  • Networking
  • Relating across levels
  • Managing conflict
  • Using humour


UCL Ways of Working

These describe expected behaviours in line with UCL culture and values.  For Ways of Working indicators and steps to development please refer to the Ways of Working website

25 January 2022

Career Pathway roles are indicative and are not intended to be a description of the role in terms of responsibilty and duties.