UCL Campaign


Students: Powering bright minds

Raising £70 million in student support, It's All Academic has ensured UCL's doors are open to every young person with a contribution to make. Scholarships funded by Campaign donors are giving talented young minds of all kinds the opportunity to follow their dreams – to learn, explore, question, be creative, and fully immerse themselves in the UCL experience, in the world’s most dynamic city. And UCL's alumni community has come forward to enrich the experience our students have, providing guidance, mentoring and inspiration.

UCL teaches people how to think, not what to think, in turn giving the world the fearless, inventive shapers of the knowledge and solutions it needs. By providing brilliant minds from all backgrounds with life-changing scholarships and bursaries, state-of-the-art study spaces, mentoring, internships, and travel experiences, donors and volunteers are supporting the diverse, open and curious community we need to build a fair and prosperous future for all. And when our students were experiencing unforeseen hardship due to COVID-19, Campaign supporters stepped up swiftly to provide a financial lifeline.

Our global alumni community play a critical role in enriching our student experience. They are coming forward as role models and mentors, opening doors to current students and recent graduates, particularly those from backgrounds which are underrepresented in higher education. They are giving career advice and volunteering as speakers, wellbeing volunteers, global internship hosts, club and network leaders, student recruitment volunteers and more.  

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