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Meet Our Alumni Volunteers

We've chatted to some of our amazing female mentors about why they volunteer and the impact it has upon them and their mentees.

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Alumni Mentor: Sophie Zielcke

Since Graduating Sophie Zielcke has volunteered her time to help others by being an alumni mentor.

Francine Blanc
In conversation with Francine Blanc

UCL alumna Francine Blanc is the latest member to join the BME Alumni Network Committee and spoke to us about why she volunteers.

Alumni Volunteering
Alumni Mentor: Charlotte Green 

Charlotte Green tells us what mentoring means to her.

Alumni Volunteering
Alumni Mentor: Corinne Atton

From London to New York, Corinne Atton discusses the impacts of mentors and mentoring on her own life.

Alumni Volunteering
Alumni Mentor: Neha Rajan

Neha Rajan discusses why she wants to give back to UCL.

Alumni Volunteering
Alumni Mentor: Melanie Wilneder

Melanie Wilneder encourages everyone to sign up to the Alumni Online Mentoring Scheme