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Happy 4th of July! 

4 July 2018

Celebrate 4th July

With Jeremy Bentham currently residing at the Met Breuer in New York, we can't help but be reminded of his works on freedom of expression and the continuing impact it has on UCL. 

The past year has been exciting and rewarding for UCL and the global UCL community. The It’s All Academic Campaign has now raised over £400 million and over 106,000 alumni volunteer hours. We are very grateful for the support many of you continue to give to the Campaign, to students and fellow alumni.

With your support, UCL continues to tackle some of the biggest issues affecting our world. For example, advancements in tackling Huntington's and reshaping the role of governments have seen major results these last twelve months. Together we will continue to combat issues that affect generations across the world. Our alumni too are making their impact. Demis Hassabis, alumnus and co-founder of Google DeepMind, has just been appointed as advisor to the UK government's new Office for Artificial Intelligence - a key area for UCL research.

Alumni activity within the US also has seen a great surge these last 12 months with new clubs established in DC and Boston and regular events for all ages happening across the country. If you have not joined an alumni event near you yet, have a look at upcoming events below or contact us if you would like to start a club near you.

In particular, we would like to thank Mark Howard and the Board of the UCL Friends and Alumni Association for all their hard work this year. We are hugely excited about what the next twelve months will hold for UCL and our alumni community and hope to share more breakthroughs and achievements as the year progresses.