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Festival Programme and Booking

Saturday 10 June is full of exciting events throughout the day. You can find out more below, or download a pdf of the full programme here.

If you are a UCL alumnus don't forget about our exclusive alumni lounge. Visit the Haldane Room on the day to register with your guests.

Talks and Performances

Back the Future

Cruciform Building Lecture Theatre 1, 11:30-12:30 

Join our host, TV presenter and UCL researcher Dr Chris van Tulleken, as leading UCL academics share their ground-breaking research on the future of everything from evolution to education before we open up to the floor for a lively discussion on what the future has in store for humanity. Book tickets

Impropera Presents Muso

Grant Museum of Zoology, 6:00-8:00pm

Night has fallen on the Grant Museum of Zoology, the doors are closed and the museum staff have gone home, but something is stirring because the world's only improvising opera troupe, Impropera, have snuck in at twilight to sing the specimens to life with your help.  Book tickets

A Pint of Science's Creative Reactions Present Got Brains: Art and Science

Darwin Lecture Theatre, 4:00-5:00pm

How does your brain, become a brain? Are you, just your brain? ‘Got Brains: Art and Science’ will investigate how your early cells become your whole brain, though amazing and clever processes. Slowly creating itself, and who you are in the process.Neuroscientist Dr Charlie Arber, and artists Ed Saye and Robbie O'Keefe, have collaborated on creating artwork specifically for the event, and will discuss their pieces as they shed light on the creation and development of the brain, brain research at UCL and how you are your brain. This will be followed by a Q and A with all of our speakers. Book tickets

Ordinary things?

Cruciform Lecture Theatre 2,  1:00-2:00

Exhibitions have typically displayed the wonders of human ‘civilisation’. In contrast, artefacts that survived the Holocaust may appear banal since they are often ‘ordinary’, everyday things. However, when we learn how to ‘read’ these objects, they offer intensely moving encounters with the past. Book tickets

UCL Mechanical Engineering: Showcase Live!

Cruciform Building Lecture Theatre 1, 2:00-3:00

From spacecraft to sports equipment, it’s hard to find an aspect of our daily lives that doesn’t involve mechanical engineering. Come and experience an entertaining, fast-paced showcase and find out how we’re solving problems in everything from hi-tech healthcare to coffee waste and shaping the world of tomorrow. Book tickets

Smart Magnetic Materials Inspired by Nature

Darwin Lecture Theatre, 11:00- 11:30

Nature has mastered the production of highly functional materials in a dynamic, energy-efficient manner. We aspire to create useful materials, based on this wisdom. Inspired by structure-function features of nacre (i.e. iridescent layer of mollusc shells and pearls), we have developed ‘smart’ materials with self-adaptation and self-healing ability. Presented by Dr Ayomi Perera from the UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering.  Book tickets

Uncomfortable Reading: Controversial Books and Their Value

Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, 12:30-1:30

How do librarians resolve dilemmas created by controversial items in their collections? In this talk Dr Katie Meheux examines these concerns, using the UCL Institute of Archaeology Library’s copy of the Nazi publication ‘Die Ausgrabungen in Haithabu (1937-1939)’ - still bearing Sudetenland Reich stamps. Book tickets

UCL Global Citizenship Programme: Showcase

Cruciform Lecture Theatre, 3:30-4:30

Our world is now more connected than ever before. But it also faces challenges. Big ones. Like infectious diseases, rapid urbanisation, and sustainability. Staff and students will show how we bring together students from across UCL to solve these challenges and create a new generation of responsible global citizens. Book tickets

Speakers Corner

Wilkins Building, 12:45- 4:00

Covering everything from social media to why history isn't always as it seems, UCL Press present a series of short pop-up lectures from some of UCL’s most exciting academics. Join us throughout the day to learn something new! Speakers include: Tim Causer, Michael Boulter, and Andrew Morris. Booking not required

Aliens!...Where are you?

Darwin Lecture Theatre, 1:00- 2:00

Dr Francisco Diego explores the fascinating theme of life in a Universe that has been in constant change and development. Recent astronomical observations indicate that there may be millions of solar systems in our galaxy, where life could develop in similar ways. Should we find alien intelligence virtually everywhere? Book tickets

Talk about the Past 

Institute of Archaeology, 2:00- 5:00

Drop-in talks (30 minutes per talk) about the Institute’s research and activities. Booking not required

Thought to Flesh

Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, 4:00-5:00

Trapped in her own body, an extraordinary young woman lives with motor neurone disease. Physical theatre and spoken word, drawing on true stories and research from UCL Institute of Neurology. Book tickets

After the general election: what next?

Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, 10:30- 11:15

Just two days after the snap general election, experts from UCL’s highly-regarded Constitution Unit will use this session to discuss the constitutional and political fallout. Likely topics include key features of the election itself, the makeup of the new House of Commons, the government's future relationship with the House of Lords, plus the prospects for the political parties, the UK territorial Union – and, of course, Brexit. Book tickets


Slade School of Fine Art: MA/ MFA/ PhD Degree Show

Slade School of Fine Art, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00

Join the Slade School of Fine Art for an exclusive tour of their Graduate Degree show, featuring final year work by students graduating from the MA, MFA and PhD programmes. Book tickets

Tour of UCL Main Library

UCL Main Library, 10:00, 11:00, 1:00, 2:30, 3:30 

Join us for a guided tour of the first library at UCL, which remains one of the busiest amongst UCL Library Services’ 18 sites. Discover the dramatic Flaxman Gallery, and see how this world-class library building has been adapted over the centuries. Book tickets

Rock around UCL:  Finding the hidden geology in the campus’s building stones

Meet in the Quad, 2:00, 3:00

A chance to see UCL with new eyes; this walking tour around the Bloomsbury Campus will look at the geology of the building materials used. Discover life in Jurassic seas, 2 billion year old crystals and find out how Cornish Granite foiled the Queen! Book tickets

Green UCL: Environmental sustainability tour

Meet in the Quad, 10:00, 2:00, 3:00

Take a sustainability tour of the Bloomsbury campus. The UCL Sustainability team will guide you around a roof garden, UCL buildings and the logistics zone whilst explaining how these interventions are improving the environment for staff and students. Book tickets

Tours of the UCL Institute of Archaeology Collections and Object Handling Session

Institute of Archaeology, 12:00- 5:00

Tours start from the information desk in the reception area at 2pm and 3pm. Tours last approx. 40 minutes. Please sign up in advance on the day at the Institute of Archaeology as we can only accommodate 15 people per tour.

Blitz on Bloomsbury

Institute of Archaeology, 2:30, 3:30

Tours of Bloomsbury will bring World War II to life by showing you the effect it had on the local area. Tours start from the information desk in the reception area at the Institute of Archaeology and last approximately 40 minutes. Please sign up at the Institute of Archaeology reception desk in advance on the day.

Archaeology Adventure trail ‘Indie’s tail: a dog in trouble’

Institute of Archaeology, 12:00- 5:00

Indie the archaeology dog has lost his excavation tools, with the help of his animal friends around the world he flies in his hot air balloon to recover his equipment. Families are encouraged to follow the trail, answer the questions and receive a prize! Trail starts and finishes at the information point in the Institute of Archaeology reception area.

Exhibits, Workshops and Displays

Hidden Treasures of the Special Collections

Special Collections Reading Room, South Junction, Lower Hall, 12:30- 2:30

UCL Special Collections, Archives and Records is home to one of the foremost university collections of manuscripts, archives and rare books in the UK. Join our curators for an in-depth exploration of some of the collections’ unique, really intriguing and rarely displayed treasures. Book tickets

UCL Mechanical Engineering: The Paddock

North Cloisters, 10:00- 5:00

Get hands on with displays from the UCL Mechanical Engineering team. Immerse yourself in our VR environments, visit our newly designed racing vehicles, including our eco-marathon vehicle, and race against the clock in our F1 pit stop challenge. Booking not required

UCL Culture presents: Family Activity – Bones, Beads and Boxes

Petrie Museum, 1:00- 5:00

Take a journey down the Nile with our new family trial and interactive activity pack in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Meet characters behind the museum and explore some of the highlights of our world class collection. Booking not required

UCL Culture presents: Public Curating Takeover

UCL Art Museum, 1:00- 5:00

Have you ever wondered how curators work with museum collections to create exhibitions? Join us for an afternoon curating your own public exhibition at UCL Art Museum. See some of our exceptional works by the likes of Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Turner and work with our experts to discuss the ins and outs of curatorial practice. Booking not required

UCL Culture presents: Explore Zoology

Grant Museum of Zoology, 1:00- 5:00

Have you ever wondered how heavy an elephant tusk is, how sharp a shark’s tooth is or how many scales a pangolin has? Come and be amazed by the natural world at our family-friendly event and be inspired by our enthusiastic museum educators. Don’t forget to bring along your budding zoologists! Booking not required

World Archaeology Festival

Institute of Archaeology, 12:00- 5:00

Join the Institute of Archaeology for an exciting day of hands on activities suitable for all ages. Experience trade on the Silk Road, try your hand at excavation, create wall art from throughout the ages, and discover how ancient people  built reed boats by helping to make one. Booking not required

Alumni Lounge

Front Quad Marquee, 10:00- 5:00

An exclusive space for alumni to bring their guests and mingle with other members of our alumni community, enjoy refreshments and a range of activities for a variety of ages.  Booking not required

Twinkle-a mission to unravel the story of planets in our galaxy

North Cloisters, 10:00- 5:00

Have you ever wondered what the weather is like on the hundreds of planets discovered around distant stars? The Twinkle space mission will observe more than one hundred known exoplanets and will unveil their weather, history and the chemical composition of their atmospheres. Find out more about the team and which planets out there might host life! Booking not required

UCL short courses and professional development

North Cloisters, 10:00- 5:00

UCL offers an extensive portfolio of expert-led short courses and CPD for personal or professional development. Come and talk to the team to explore how you can access the wealth of knowledge and research expertise at UCL by finding courses that suit your needs. Booking not required

Entrepreneurship at UCL

North Cloisters, 10:00- 5:00

UCL has a proud history of supporting start-ups and spin-outs developed by the academic and student community. Featuring the award-nominated Playbrush, join us for a day of Entrepreneurship at UCL and enjoy exploring some of our most successful student start-ups and social enterprises to date. Booking not required

RecommendMe: Connect, Stay Active, Live Well

North Cloisters, 10:00- 5:00

Find out about how UCL Grand Challenges brings together researchers from across UCL to solve the world’s biggest problems. Meet the team behind one of our great success stories, the award-winning app RecommendMe which works to solve the problem of social isolation amongst elderly adults. Booking not required 

UCL Neurology crafts

North Cloisters, 10:00- 5:00

Learn more from our neurology team about how the brain works through these interactive craft sessions. Suitable for all ages. Booking not required

Experimental Pewter Casting Masterclass

Institute of Making, 1:45- 3:15, 3:15- 4:45

In this masterclass explore the ancient craft of cuttlefish casting in pewter. After a demonstration of the craft, you will have the opportunity to cast your own jewellery or object to take away with you. Suitable for all ages over 5. Session one ticketsSession two tickets

Jeremy Bentham Auto-Icon

South Cloisters, 10:00- 5:00

Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher and jurist whose doctrine of Utilitarianism has inspired many great thinkers. When he died in 1832 he left his body to be publicly dissected by his friend, Dr Thomas Southwood Smith, and asked that it be preserved as an 'auto-icon.' Jeremy the auto-icon came to the College in 1850, and has been cared for by UCL ever since. Booking not required

Heritage on the Move

Front Quad, 10:00- 5:00

The conservation, interpretation and management of cultural heritage sites is a rapidly growing field. SEAHA, the doctoral training centre for Heritage Science (a joint project of the four UCL faculties Arts & Humanities, Social and Historical Sciences, Architecture and Engineering, with partners in Oxford and Brighton) was designed to respond to the need for training for the interdisciplinary research of heritage. Come and watch examples of Heritage Science and get first-hand experience of state of the art heritage equipment in the SEAHA Mobile Heritage Lab, a unique research and public engagement vehicle that brings the research innovations developed by SEAHA students to heritage sites where it is most needed. Booking not required

UCL East: Heritage Futures Project

North Cloisters, 10:30- 5:00 

How do we communicate with the Future? Come and create your own message for the future to take away. Booking not required

Setting out their Stall: researching women’s work at London’s markets

North Cloisters, 10:30- 5:00

A pop up exhibition and DIY public history event representing a collaborative project between UCL, King’s College London and the East End Women’s Museum. Over the last few months students from the University of London have been researching the history of one of East London’s working markets, Watney,  recording histories of those who know the market best, those who have worked and shopped there over many years.  Learn about our findings or take part in one of our sessions on oral history interviewing and community history research. Booking not required

UCL Student Recruitment

North Cloisters 10:00-17:00

Learn about the fantastic range of opportunities for study offered by UCL. From preparatory courses through to PhD, there will be a chance for prospective students to register an interest. Booking not required