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Volunteer stories: UCL Recent Graduates Network

This Volunteers' Week we're pleased to report that our Alumni Volunteer Group of the Year 2020 is the UCL Recent Graduates Network.

Three members of the UCL Recent Graduates Network

5 June 2020

(Image, left to right: Eva Bianchi, Justine Olivier and Milan Gurung from the UCL Recent Graduates Network)

Founded in 2019 as a community for new UCL alumni, the UCL Recent Graduates Network has rapidly established itself. The group helps alumni who graduated within the last 10 years stay connected to UCL as they venture into the next chapters of their lives, providing support to graduates based around the globe as well as in London.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic necessitating the cancellation of some of their planned activities, the Network have stayed active. They've helped their fellow graduates to access a range of services such as careers support, wellbeing advice, and alumni mentoring and networking. 

Milan Gurung, one of the Network's founding members, explained the importance of having a supportive alumni group in place: “I am the first person to attend university from my family, so I know what it is like to have limited guidance and resources when it comes to planning a career and making decisions post-university. 

“I chose to volunteer so I could reach out to students and graduates who find themselves in a similar situation to me. My goal is to empower these individuals to reach their full potential.”

As well as supporting its members in their professional development, member Eva Bianchi says the network is a great place to nurture lifelong friendships: “I had a great time as a student and didn't want graduation to be the end of my journey, so volunteering enabled me to stay in touch with a fantastic community.” 

The group's co-lead Rey Syuen Wang Yeh agrees. He highlights that some of the most important friendships in life are made at school and at university, so it’s vital to have a way of maintaining these relationships. 

The future is bright for the Network. Their recently launched LinkedIn page has over 500 followers and have begun mentoring and offering advice on a one-to-one basis via the Alumni Online Community.

To find out more about volunteering, explore our opportunities or join the UCL alumni online community, where you can also the join the UCL Recent Graduates Network.