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Volunteer stories: Nick Coveney

This Volunteers' Week we're shining the spotlight on nominees for our Alumni Volunteering Awards. Today, read about Nick Coveney, who supports students trying to break into the publishing industry.

Nick Coveney

4 June 2020

Publishing is a competitive industry which can be tough for graduates to break into. Since graduating from UCL in 2010 with a Master's degree in Information Studies, Nick Coveney has enjoyed a successful career in the industry, and now supports students looking to do the same.

Nick explains how he began his volunteering journey:

After being a repeat industry guest speaker on the MA Publishing programme, I became a career mentor for a student on a one-to-one basis which I found extremely rewarding. I've been fortunate enough to be invited back to be involved with volunteering opportunities in several other capacities since.”

Nick is also an active member of the UCL LGBTQ+ Network, which gives alumni a forum to inspire and empower their peers, and to build relationships across the university’s LGBTQ+ community.

Through all the invaluable support he has given over the years, Nick has learnt that there are numerous ways alumni can make a positive impact on their alma mater:

Giving back is an incredibly rewarding experience, and can be done in a variety of ways which are flexible around your schedule and commitments. Whether it's related to your original course, current profession or wider interest, there's a plethora of different opportunities to connect and reconnect."

Seeing the impact of his volunteering has been incredibly rewarding. Nick said that returning to university as an alumnus “helps to showcase the hugely diverse community of talented individuals that make up UCL, both in its faculty and student body. It shines a light on the experiences we've gained both at UCL and after completing our studies.

I've greatly enjoyed giving back in recent years, and hope to continue nourishing a strong connection with both my fellow alumni and the wider university community. 

To find out more about volunteering, explore our opportunities or join the UCL alumni online community.